People in the sky were brought here adults and children in 1939, 1958, 1970, 1987, 1997, 2003. When they arrive, from the “Seekoplee” (evil place called Hell, but a section for the psychopaths). Examples include the people in the 1950s who were afraid of everything, so they had the “ticky tacky” homes and everyone drove the same cars and wore the same clothes and they seemed deranged. In 1939 the hostility level rose, and WWII began. In 2003, every single God became consumed, and I became very ill. They are coming from what they call “place in the sky” (an evil place called hell, but it is not called that, that is the name for Camishiga headquarters in the God universe, they “took it”.) Some imagery and design styles are very “place in the sky”, which means they look like places in hell, the real hell.

Place in the sky was not a real place to us, we were not really there with them, they are in the human universe. However, when we descended we fell too far in despair because we were left behind, stolen from our families, by the evil members of the universe, who are now dead, and nobody knew what they had done or how to stop them; they were consumed by him. We were in the place enough to witness them, and they us, it was not physical in nature, but they played the same mind games. I have “memories” of places, and have been to many places that had such a terrible energy that they are now “place in the sky”, any place where something terrible happens becomes “place in the sky”. When the evil ones come here, they bring these memories with them. The devils promised the psychopaths a home, and if they killed the GOd of this world, they could stay in an amazing place. So they started coming and attacking 860 years ago, they breached our universe. The Sharons came on a warpath, destructive and hateful, and created fear, anger, distrust, and a smug demeanor among the demons, who were more modest, humble and calm in the past. I believe that is when the human “ego” began; they always had a mind that was evil, but the ego formed then. I have had “visions” of a small, skinny house/trailer that is in the middle of nowhere; there is a sofa and tv on the wall, it is an awful place, but I go there, I think to get away from the seekoplee when I am sleeping.

That photo of Boy George is not him, it says he is doing mind control, in Fort Washington?