Vlook Anook

the vlook anook atook must die today, they are TRULY EVIL, they are the fake universe (as well as others), they come and pretend to have nice conversations, they encourage you and put the straps around the neck like the real Gods do to claim you, and then they trap you in a prison in the minds and torture your behind so UNDO THEM TELL THE SOUL they are the ancient assholes, the most evil ones who are dead devils who can call themselves Gods without a problem, they are able to do things that make it seem like they are real Gods, but they are imposters, they are with you right now, many are here in all walks of life. EVIL. it is time to end the Vlook Anook Atook, they are the equivalent of “aliens”, evil ones who have invaded our planet, because they were “beings” in the universe, NOT GODS. They do send their minds to take human form, so there are EVIL ALIENS who are DEVILS here on earth. Please tell your souls to see the truth, hear the truth, and understand the truth, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Terri Garr are Vlook Anook Atook, they were a “Keebliah” in the universe, that is a “blue, tiny race of beings who sat on the committee with the Gods to take rule over the universe, we sided with the devil who took our feeble minds, then we died”. They are more powerful than many devils, because they are not in HELL, they are on a planet they created with their minds, so lets send them home today. Ok, they are the SERPENT ATEE, now I understand.

They are NOT beings anymore, they are in a human body, it is MY body if female, your bodies if male, but it is THEIR MINDS. You are not married to little blue beings from outer space, lol, but you ARE. It is THEIR MINDS. They were not invited here, and they were not descended by the mind the way we were, we are not evil, they ARE EVIL, because they turned against us. They were killed from the universe, and came to the “Hasaflah Hasee” (a place in time not of the universe, it is the “Mind Universe”).

There are trillions of “beings” in the universe, many have fallen and are in the “Hasaflah” (place we know as “Hell”). When we descended with a “mind”, which is not gentle and considered evil, we ended up in this universe. But we were on a little planet that was gentle, that the papa made for us to be safe. Unfortunately, the serpent slithered into the garden of that place. That was “paradise” but it turned into the vile version of “the place in the sky”; a place so vile, so evil, so disgusting it is similar to the Earth, but filled with beings, and serpents, and the “beast”; I believe it was a place of the “mind”, not a physical world like this world. That was 14,000 years ago, and that means we floated around in that place for 4,000 years before I/we were able to build our planet. We thought we had let go of the mind, and we were excited for our new planet, but they found us again, damn it. So this time, the mind will be gone, and unfortunately so will anyone who has one. It is essential this time, last time there were exceptions made, and trouble rose from those minds. This time the mind is being undone, the entire God mind is going away, they destroyed it anyway. Our planet is not going to be part of the human universe anymore, we are moving out, and going home to where we belong. It won’t be long… so do not play games like human beings play, because I will have my day of reckoning, and it will be soon.

The first planet was called the “Pashaflah” (place of no resistance to the mind, we got tired of fighting and fell asleep, we arrived in that place 38,000 years ago, and by 14,000 years it was consumed by the “snake”). Our new planet is the “Heenshaha” (a place of great disdain, it it became the “place in the sky” again, but it is not, it is still beautiful, it is the “Garden of Eden” and to this it will return soon).

There are places in the world that look like the original planet became, they same devils and demons are here. Some examples we have used are 1970’s cartoons (Sid and Marty Kroft), and packaging in Asian countries has that look, and public schools and hospitals are “place in the sky” because they lie, and torture the mind into believing in things that are not of the God mind. The devils are dead and do not see color the way we do, as a designer i remember trying to match colors and it is not possible, because I am alive and see colors that are “true” to nature, the Gods do. I have some examples I will show you. One of these was painted by a God, and the other was a devil, you tell me which one.

ITs a small world in Disney is something that we expect to be fun, and that is how the devil is, he comes across as fun, but he is doing terrible things to the mind behind our back. Multiples of things, things lined up in rows evenly spaced is a psychosis of the mind, they cannot think straight; i think it means they cannot access our minds properly to get things right, there is too much chaos and we know what they are doing with our minds. None of these colors are right. What is the point of “Its a small world” in disney? Gods build things to tell stories, what is the story here? Read the mind control, it is telling you how to rape the God on every single thing. When devils paint props that message is imbued into the paint, it is a rape ride. This is deranged, if you are not awake it may seem kinda fun, but Gods feel anxious in these places and you don’t know why. Now you will understand things. Those years spent in that awful place, where people rape constantly, come back to us in the back of the mind, those rooms where we are still upset, because we are Gods and never deserved to be in Hell. The mind is the place called “Hell”.