The Lady of Shalott

“Mesha Tontiah”

Avalon (the “Osontah Tatah” – I am the one frozen in time, I am the “place in the sky”, the real one, the one where the Goddess goes, when she knows, it is time to die.) I am the “Fee Ensha Ensoh” (I am the One in the Sky, who is On High, who is the Goddess “Kashomp” (I am the one who is exiled to another place and time, one without a mind, one that is in time). I come from a place called “Vegstatah” (Shalott, I am a place called Camelot; a place called the human race, I have no place, or time, I have no rhyme or reason, I have no season, I am dead). I was the Queen, my soul twin the King, I was quarantined and exiled to a place down the hill, through the dark forest, to a place that is nil, and unidentified, by the lake side, where I died.

I am the “Beon Shah Onsoh” (the One in the Sky who is on high in the place called the “Flonsatoobliah Asontatoh Kanee” (I am the one who is the “Valee” (Goddess at the highest level of the God), I am the one who is flogged, and water logged, I drowned, and lost my crown, until the townspeople spoke up one day, to a person in the “Keepay” (a place called the government), to defend me against my attackers. The kingdom is filled with courtiers; whores of the highest level, and courtesans; the ones with the favor. I am the jewel in the back of a crown, protected and unseen by the crowd; that is why I am lost today, I could not find a way, to be seen in the presence of the “men”. I was loved, revered; a precious jewel, the English rose (“Fonsafah” – the One in the Sky who is the “Komp” (God who is the Goddess who is descended as a Princess who is a human who is called the whore, even though she was the virgin, who kept her oath to the “core” (soul), and loved only the “Peshonton” (beautiful Gods with whom she is the “one”).

“Onvah Valee” ( I am the One in the Sky, on High, who is the Lady of Shallot named “Bonsah” (Anya)

For the love of the King, I am the humble “Placeen” (the beautiful one who sings), as song for him, and for the “Flahn” (the Gods who are the soul mates of the “Sensee” (the beautiful one known as the “Fonsh” (the Goddess); who are too human to understand, that you “Lancelot” (I am the one who keeps my oath to the Goddess at all times); the Ahfonch (Andrew), the “Keemp” (Erika) and the “Kesemah” (Gods who are human men who are the soul mates of them), could not find a way to avoid the soap opera “offley” (I am a person who is insane), the dramatic tomes of lore that made me, the ancient loved one, into a whore.

The trusty steed, with Godspeed, rushes down the hill to find his love; but she is drowned, and he is above. So, he promises the lady, that he, is trustworthy; a God of the highest order, who can do the “Flormh” (I am the one who can lift a steel train, make it rain, take the building into the sky, I am that guy, who can do the “Keeshamah Asah” (I will help you, I will love you, I am your son) on the “Krooshabah” (evil ones who run the “sun” (the devils).

The men become the “fleemp” – I am the one in the sky who can prove I am the God, the “Camishiga”, who still has his “Comsah” (I am a sword of power and esteem, covered in “Aefleem” (I am a jewel), with a symbol of power like no other, I am no King, I am the Commander in the Sky; the Army of the Gods.)

The “Sonsah” (God who is the Goddess) goes to the Sky and waits for the Gods; she is on high in a place and time that is a place and time of a time and space that is in space, she is in Avalon. She is the “Flohm Anemiah” (I am the Goddess, who is the Priestess on High, I am the One who is “Camishiga Asondiay Hasah” (the Highest level of the Gods, the Commander in the Sky, who is so beautiful tonight, because she has enough love to forgive the Gods.)

I am the “Oncha Tonch” (I am a person in the sky who is on high as Camishiga, I am confident, able and kind, not of mind, the pain is gone, I have forgiven the “Flom” (Gods); they will come along, and I will offer it to them, the “Sontee Tatee” (I am the one in the sky who is the “Fenshah Tontatee Bleah” (I am a person who is the “Excalibur” (the “Gont”).