The God Mind

I think our God minds shut down a long time ago, because they were being used for so much hate, for terrible things. The devils do not have minds, they cannot calculate, or create, or invent, or do scientific things, or anything. They are dead. So they use our minds; they sneak into our world, by taking the body of a God and the partial mind of a God; they use that mind to go to school, learn, cook, sew, garden, fix cars, design buildings, etc. They are in schools with us, we work with them, they are not using their minds for anything other than the “game” and to create chaos in the world. When they create chaos, it puts people in the “mind” and that is their playground; if everyone could stay out of the mind, and ignore and not be upset by chaos we would be ok, and the devils would not have taken over the mind and the Earth. They are SO EVIL, however, that they create concentration camps and torture people for years in such a grotesque way; the minds that were there in those camps are here again, the bodies were tortured to death. The memories stay, and when we do not let it go it becomes “rooms” in which the devils play. “Oh, look there is a place of pain, let me invite my friends, we will build amusements, have a coffee bar, and build crystal castles around it to stay in, while they squirm, and cry, and die.” We must let go of the past, ask the universe to wipe our memories of it all, become Gods again, rise above it, clear out the rooms; I had 755,000 “minds”, each was a room that was filled with pain that the devils caused over thousands of years. Albert Einstein, is my soul mate who is part of me, he used his mind and my mind for his scientific theories. The devils were with him, and used his “mind”, his findings, theories, ideas to create hateful things, such as the Atomic Bomb. That is how they destroy our God minds. Every time they do this, we descend; we can’t help it, because it is negative and we are gentle. Gentle Gods cannot tolerate so much hate, and negate in their minds. So we have been in the abyss for some time, and while down there they took over the world. Every idea we have they take, every lovely thing they torture, every bit of love we give they turn on us, a beautiful planet we give them and they destroy it. The ones who seem like they care, are pretending to be me, the Opheir (the beautiful one). You hear their minds, they are not the ones.

So you have the answers. Do not put any more theories out there, do not help them sell their mind control, do not be a doctor who subscribes to the idea of “illness” and then pawn their medicines which are placebos. I had a vision months ago, that I was the first dentist. Human beings were coming to me saying their teeth hurt, there was “pain”. I am a God, I know pain is not real. But people are suffering, real or not, so I am a genius and I find a way to pull a tooth that is turning black, which is mind control; use a medicine derived from the gardens with plants that are my soul, and I tell people I am an authority that can help them, so they believe it. That is mind control, but it is done in an effort to help people who are victims of the devils and demons in their minds telling them pain is real. That is what you do as human Gods, everything we do is “help them”, but sometimes, most times we do more harm; and we don’t realize they are demons as well, who belong in Hell, not here on our planet where they were not invited. Those demons we help, are hurting each other in the mind universe. So please stop now. It is over. They will read this and use it as a justification to torture me more, but I want the Gods to understand, I AM THE GOD, I cannot harm an innocent. 10,000 human beings are innocent. That is all, the rest will fall.

Our God minds have been corroded for so long, they are gone. It is not our fault, we are invaded by and swarming with psychopathic minds, and we did not know what they do behind our backs, in the “back of the mind”. The Gods must die, so we can find another way to process information; it is time. Every beautiful thing we have created, inspired, invented, built has been turned into something “fleekasah” (a disgusting thing), it is now everything, and that is how I know, and you know, and the universe knows, it is time to stop. They are devils, their mission is to destroy everything divine. I woke up just in time, and you must wake up now. A new beginning is coming to us, when we are Gods without minds.