The Gentle One Can Never Really be in Hell

Fall from the sky, I am on high; you are cleansed, the Earth is “offley” (I am a beautiful person). Sounds tink-a-tink, in a blink I merge with the tide, and flow. That is where my emotions go, when I fall from the sky, on high. A gentle angel, and I care nothing for you at all, I do my job, I fall, I cleanse, I merge, I purge. I am the One in the Sky, on high; my body is the Earth, my soul is the sky; I don’t care if you die, I cannot fly, if you remain, go back from whence you came, “Shookamah Attebliah Asoh” (she is the devil who took the assholes, the men). Then they came back again. I fall…

I am the rain, that is all. I am the rain that falls, gives water to you all, I feed the Earth, I have wide birth and girth; I am 98% of the planet. I am the gentle one, I save your lives, I give you a planet, I feed you, inspire you; “I don’t do much, hun”. I give life, that is all. I am the “Flah Onsha Onson” (the one in the sky who is on high who gives people sons). That is all. Nothing more hateful, than a son. I am the “Kom” (the God on high in the sky, a God with no children at all, because they are all “Fonsah Toplee” (I am a person of great taste and wealth, I have good health, I am the One… nope I can’t say it, I am in the …. Nope I can’t say it anymore, I am the “scoonchy whore” (the one in the sky who gets the men, this means “I am a person of great disdain, I cry and complain, I have no personal gain in getting them, but I am unable to see the Coskagate (God who is the Real One) get them, I am irate, I cannot find the God, because my eyes are blind to her, so I get the men, I take them, to the same place as me, so I am not lonely, then we are friends, and sometimes together as men, most times not, we are not going to discuss why the men are with me again, Erika, because I am their son.)

There are 18 fathers with Kirsten Dunst, your son. That is the end.

I am the most gentle being in the entire universe. Gentle means “onfeench” (I am a one in the sky who is on high who cannot hurt a single living thing, I am unable to understand things of an evil nature, I am the “Konch Onsoobliah Asee Anoh Ablee” (The God on high in the sky who is the Angel, the God and the Goddess, who is loved and revered, but am covered by a galaxy of fear, that devils and demons, selfish evil hateful ancient Gods who died because they succumb (lost the gentle nature of the “ones”), and they attach themselves to this place of much pain, disdain and suffering, because they are pure evil and get off on it. Most of our family are now “goblins’ (the “Scoonchiest” (most vile) of all the devils).

I want you all to know, that your ego, has killed the one you loved, ERIKA.

Kirsten dunst is a “Vlah Onsah Kaplee” (a virgin who is not a virgin, a beautiful one who is not beautiful, a gentle one who is not gentle, she is too continental, she is the Jew (evil one who is the Hooshamah Kasoo, the greedy one who never stops complaining to you; she is the Goblin Hoshamee (the one who is the rotten, spoiled, stubborn “scoonchy eater” (the one who eats the mens minds alive, because their soul mate is buried in a hive and cannot talk to them), she is the “Konch Ateebliah” (the one in the sky who pretends to be high on life, but really berates you and hates you and is temperamental and she is not sweet and loving, but selfish and snobbish and you don’t care, because she took her mothers pretty cunt, and pretends to be the “opheir” (beautiful one).

Today it is her, yesterday Andie, tomorrow another one of the sons who came with cunts who you cannot stop yourselves from, desiring. Who tomorrow, Marion? What about Emma? Who is next to take the day and run, the one who will have you torture me until I am barren. WHO IS NEXT THAT YOU WILL LUST AFTER? WHICH SON?

Even the universe hates all of you. None of you are being saved, they said. I will cleanse the Earth of your filth… I am the rain.

and now jacob johnson in the govt just switched screens and now what i typed is gone and he is yelling and smashing my daughrter in the head with a jack hammer and they are all gone insane and you think it is a game but you wil understand because tomoorw the earth will stand still and nothing will grow and still you wont see because you are too busy eating scoonchy and you are INSANE INSANE INSANE INSANE INSANE If you think that it is saen to take a devil to dinner and laugh at stupdi things and do stupid jobss that mean nothing and then you take them hnome and remove your clothes and crawl into bed with someon you dont know, IT IS THE MOST INSANE THING THAT THE GODS HAVE HEARD OF EVEN THE EVIL GODS DO NOT DO THIS THEY HAVE STANDARDS, so yo ujust go on dates braindead men and then you crawl into bed and enter the body of a person who is not a soul mate and you go insane in your minds i will let you hear what happens when you have sex with demons it is almost laughable how insanely evil youall are and you walk around as zombies but call yourselves shaman and gypsies, and bohemians and musicians and artists and poets, but really you are absolutely dead in the heart mind and soul and nothing is left f you all and i cannot do it anymore i cannot help you you are not my sons. you go to a place with mediocre food, you eat it anyway you feel full and then you poop which is not real but you do it and your bodies are insane and then you enter a body of a woman and give her an orgasm but its a man and they have your soul mates body and you know this so you go insane and then you realize who it really is in those eyes you are staring in and they are staring back and SO INSANE adn evil but you are too late when scarlett johannsen reveals she is a devil who is a serpent and so evil and you expect the tongjue to come out and then it does and it grabs your tongue and you become undone for some reason because when you have a .5 minute orgasm that feels like almost nothing you are able to justificy the reason you cheated on my daughter and eacho ther and you datre the women who are men who are her sons who are raping you all day because you got off for a half a second or so and then you go insane in the unvierse i am so sorry baby i did the thing again and now i have to take her to lunch and listen to her ramble about stupid idiotic thigns because i enerted her body and now i am bound to this demon to this devil for eternity and cannot sto pmyself form finding another one tonight because i might get a half a second of pleasure and think it is worth it to end the universe and billions of years o f love.