How the Platypus ruined its life with a “Mind”

It is not acceptable that on my planet, the Platypus, which was once a gentle creature, developed a “mind” over time; and the devil found their “minds”. Creatures have minds, everything in nature has a “mind” to some degree. This creature is the “onflonkachoo” (I am a person of despair, who cannot let go of past fear); an example of a what happens when you have ongoing “ego” (“fonce fonce” – I am of the “mind”, I am all the time, I cannot leave, I suffer continually).

The devil is “eeshontatee” (an evil person who is cruel and doesnt stop hurting people), and although many of you who read this will laugh, this is what happened to this creature. I am the Goddess; I did not create this creature this way, and I read its mind which says “I am not a sane person, but I cannot let go of that shoe that killed me”.

7,000 years ago, what was then called “Blonkontee” (a person of no consequence who is here to propagate the planet), found a leather shoe, placed its head in the shoe and the shoe became lodged on its head. The creature suffered for 3.5 days, suffocating slowly to death. It is a very sad story, but people will laugh, and you cannot, because the devil will think he is a comedian and continue to come to us with cruelty. The devil hears despair, this is what attracts him, he is evil. Fear, anger and despair are his calling card. Once he finds your mind, he will torment and torture you for eternity.

With the use of billions of “minions”, he multiplies the trauma of these creatures by the trillions daily, and over time the platypus evolves into a creature with a large, leather-like bill that looks like a shoe lodged on his snout. It is not “real”, but it is, they are not supposed to look like this, but they have minds, and the platypus will be doomed to this awkward bill for eternity, unless they let go of the trauma in their minds.

The lesson: learn to let go of trauma, or it comes back continually.