You Get the God You Deserve, Human Race

In my world, right and wrong, good and evil are well defined; the ten commandments were written by the Gods. The “holy” bible was written by the devil, and the devil’s minions. I, as the God have taught of the consequences of “sin” (“aeponshon” – a person who does things that are contradictory to well-living and joy); pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth, since the beginning of mankind. Now, however, the devil has arrived in our universe, not only his energy, but him, he is here on Earth in many forms. Many of you cannot identify the sins, what they mean, and why they are wrong and this is dangerous, because the devil, although a dead God for billions of years, still has a mind; not an intelligent mind, but a mastermind, the one who created the mind, and he programs yours. His game is to blind you, you cannot see the truth, this is a world of illusions.

Pride (“ashonsee” – a person goes insane because they think they are amazing when they are a sinner, not a saint). Greed (“foonshah” – I am a foolish person if I listened to the devil, who told me I could have what I want if I kill God, because if we had been nicer to the God, she had plans for equal pay distribution, and a joyful, fruitful life; instead the only one who gets money is he and his vile wife, the concubine). Wrath (“eleah sontaplee” – I will torture thee until you give me what I want). Envy (“lonsontaton” – I am the God who is lovely, kind and sweet, the gentle, beautiful Goddess, with which you cannot compete). Lust (“ploomp ploomp” – I think I am horny, but really I am raped in the mind, I think I need sex, I cannot understand why I am constantly vexed, I need a relief, so I will obsess, I do not know why, you are the “Kazoo” (an evil one), but I need to get a hard on, or I will be “flahm” (I am a person who is hateful), so lets get it on.) Gluttony (“embleekashah” – there is nothing but shame, I have too much game, I cannot stop, until I reach the top, I get too much, I am the head “Honch”, I cannot stop). Sloth (“beeshtoo” – How disgustingly vile and hateful I can be, when I am unable to stop the “Valee” (God who is the Goddess), from being loving and pretty, when I am just a demon who doesn’t want to try; I just want her to die).

After the tragedy of September 11th (this is where your minds snap, because you realize that I am the God writing this; where was I you ask, wait and see), people decided to be nicer to each other, giving hugs, smiling, being kinder. This lasted about 3 weeks until what I will call “beyom” happened (I am a person in the sky, who would rather die, than to be caught dead, being a friend with that person. I am a coworker, I work, I smile, I am nice, but don’t dare ask me for advice; do not ask me to give away my game, do not make me act lame). The new millennium was the beginning of an era that was predictable; but I did not see it coming, the end of the “shokonhah” (I am a person who is a human being who tries to be an upstanding person, even though I am a demon; I work, I am humble, I do not complain, I can be polite, I am helpful, I can get it right because I want to stay, I do not want to ruin my day), and the beginning of the “vonkanah” (I want what I want, I do not have to care, I shove you with my cart, I will berate and stare, I never get enough, and for that I am gruff, I will complain every second of the day, nothing will go my way, and I will blame you, “Erika” (The One and Only God).

I am the God, of all religions, the “Plaonshee” (the one who is the Christ (the highest level God), The “Keeshamah” (the one who is the “Foonk” (I am the Buddha Asah), and the “Shonk Atee” (I am the “Valee Katee Asoobliah Asah”, I am the Shah, Allah). Religion is the devil; (“a separation and you will see, just how hateful you can be, because you are demonic and cannot be, around anyone but thee”).

I am always there, always the “opheir” (the beautiful one, the Goddess); people berate me, where could he be, where is that God who is gone when we are in need? I never left any of you, I am in the trees, the breeze, the sky, the foods you eat, your inspired mind; I give you my soul, which is not wanted in a time of mind, when you will give the title of “Goddess” to the tightest behind, who does yoga, and maybe has a garden, that she spends a lot of money paying people to plant, rather than getting on her hands and knees with fingers in the dirt, she might get hurt, the precious little soul, who will win the final game. It won’t be me, I am too lame. I am loving, kind, polite; happy, joyful and fun; I am the beautiful one, but that is not what you want. So I do battle in the sky, with the evil whores you put on high, constantly torturing me to get “the men” (the soul mates of the Goddess) to come to them, and perhaps if I were not so distracted, trying to defend myself against your Hollywood fascinations, and pop music sensations, and the Sharon Stone’s sitting on vacations on the beach, able to reach out and punch me in the face, with her mind; I would have THE TIME to help you, human race.

On September 11th, the Japanese government were doing the “Scoonch” on the minds of the Gods (I will take you down today, we have a game to play, with the other governments, to descend the human race and distract them from our mind control, we are chomping at the bit, to erase the mind of the “Clit in the sky”, the Goddess on High, before she wakes up and decides to destroy us, for blaming her in your minds for our evil acts); we were so tortured and in pain, we fell to the bottom of the abyss and went insane; try defending yourself from billions of trillions of minds who don’t believe in you, and then ask me again why you cannot get what you want in the world; peace.

Oculus Building 2006 – The “Clit in the Sky”, they felled the “belee” (buildings), to get at me, the “meonshah” (the ones in the sky who are the twin Gods), are now gone, so they could build the “Kashaflohn” (I am a person with a clitoris) being raped by the “Shonshon” (I am a person with a dick). The “dick in the sky” is the “Haflookatie” (I am a person who is deranged and hateful, I am the evil one, the devil ).

The two Gods of your world are the twin souls, Anya Kah (Erika) and Ashonplee Asoh Anee (Andrew). Andrew did the “plonch asomeah” (I hear you, don’t know what to do, you are hell-bent on taking down those towers, you will, but I will stop you from destroying the people, by pushing back time and space by an hour. Then the “Koskagoo” (Goddess) got on the phone home, talked to the “Fom” (God of the universe, inaccessible to anyone but me, and only in a very high frequency, Jacobia). Those buildings would not burn for hours, or days, or weeks but months, many months, burning down half of New York City, not all at once. So Jacobia used the God mind of Erika to reach in, pull out the steel frames of the buildings and the two planes, leaving nothing but dust. Something impossible happened that day, and the God Jacobia, who is the father of Erika and Andrew, used his God mind to make sure you did not know, until today. Because if you are going to berate his daughter and sons, and blame them for terrible things brought about by the evil ones, you will see that there are Gods in the world. You needed proof, here it is. There are Gods, many of us, and some of us are living here with you.

This is proof that you do not see the truth human race; just like you think those women who are evil, vile monsters, have a pretty face, human race.

Where could the building be? It was the Offlee (the one who is the God Jacobia, with his soul mate, the Flom (Goddess) who took it to space, human race, do not ask again where we are, we are under attack by the “pleonshah onsoh” (the one who is hateful, the one who is mean, the one who will destroy everything, the devil) if you do not follow me, as it should be, and find your morality again).
Ground Zero, September 13th, 2001 ~ Where is the Steel? Where are the planes?