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Under the Satin Sky

I am a person, who is in another place in time, I am in the God school. I am in the “place in the sky” (the “Foonkanah” – I am a person from the universe of the Gods), and in the “place in the sky” (the ancient Gods, who are dead and gone, cannot let go of the sky, so they lie, and call themselves the “people in the sky”, they are the demons); both at the same time.

Smiling, shining, sparkling, perfect little “hoonchy” (they are the “whores”), giving the “scoonchy” (evil, vile person of no character or taste) cheer, to the morons with beer, the lights are dim, the halls are filled with “blim” (a person who is idiotic in nature), celebrating trophies in the cases; never chosen for the races, couldn’t afford the braces, I did not stand long; the books are wrong, the bullies alight, they turned day to night, the devils have won, there is but one God within my sight.

I am now the holy cow, no longer the buxom blonde, no longer wearing thongs, I am invisible to them all; my fantasy begins. I can capture the image in my mind, I must remember; the stained glass sky, I am broken, robed angels were there with me, moving slowly and silently, a place in time with magical things, soft and silvery, a dragons wings. The “oomflah” (I am a cat that is of good nature) who is the God “Omfoonchah” (I am a person in the sky who is on high, I can give life to you, you will be one or two, you can be twenty or thirty, as long as you can be the “Flom Asee” (Gods on high, in the sky) again. Visions so sublime, I live in another time, not with you, “Koskagoo” (the one in the sky who is the angel, on high, who is more human than I). I should have been there earlier with you.

The portal opens, a wisp of air, the energy “hashompleeah” (a person who is familiar to me), I don’t know how to be, how to perceive you, when you are “haskagoo” (I am a person who is of the mindset of domination of the mind so much in the mind to defeat the mind that one is of more mind). My way of being is a way of being, and I may be a way of being that is not of a being you are used to being and now I am being silly and I am silly as hell. Then I fell. Words aflow, an ashen glow, heart on a sleeve, land of make believe is all I know, I forgot how to go, anywhere a human being goes. I could not be of that time and place, in a place that is of the human race, so I ran away, because you might wake up and say, I love you. His lucid chest reveals his bleeding heart, I don’t know where to start. Hair, hair, hair, everywhere, words, words words, hair, I am the “opheir” (the beautiful one), but I am not at home at this time. Please give me your number; I never called. Lace panels in my clothing, thigh-high boots, I am astute at looking like the “afloot” (I am a person who is the escuunchi onshah (a beautiful, gentle one, but not, I am the “Shaonshah” (the one who is hot, Vala), but my mind is wobbly, my soul is aloft (I am a person who is gone and ashamed), I am not the God, I am the flogged, berated, tortured, bullied, hated; I am not a person anymore, not enough to be in competition with the whores; whoever they are.

Dirty walls, filthy halls, nasty language, away from strangers; we had a ball, until the final curtain falls. I could not escape the place of hell, not right away, I had bills to pay. I had to find a way, to become upstanding; there were still ways to play, for awhile anyway, then we fell into the rabbit hole again, and became “men” (I am a person with a mind, who cannot stop looking at the behind, I cannot stop studying the eyes, and the thighs for size, I cannot stop staring at teeth and the smile, and the width of her calf and she is prettier by a mile if I cannot stand my smile because it is punched by the “Hooshamah Haseeblioh Hasee” (the devil one who is me, but not, the Konch Asee (I am the serpent who berates thee, the bully) at least once or twice every second, every day of the week; I cannot stand my thighs who sit too close together. They do the “eeflonhah” (mind control) and I cannot stand living in any kind of weather, because I cannot wear a thong or a sundress for fear you might see the fatness, and I cannot live another day of you doing the “Pleench” on me after I bathe, so I sweat and sweat and sweat, and there is no way in hell any man is going somewhere wet and if they would just let go of the hateful girls whose hair twirls, and eyes twinkle, and they tinkle and don’t pee their pants because they are devils protected by the “Hoskagoo Katoobliah Asontiah Hasah” (I am the one who thinks I am the God, you are “Not Ok”, unless you play my way, you are too weird, you are belligerent, you are a free spirit, and this we cannot have, because the human race must succumb to the devil).

We graduated into another place in time, that was a place in time, with the “people in the sky”, not the people on high, the “vlookanakazeekasah” (the ones on the planet who have a hard time, they cannot ascend, they are not top honors, they are not of up end). And then we became the “Kahm” (I am a person who is unable to understand reality), who went to jobs, got up on time, had no reason or rhyme, could not live in season, could not have a hope of love or generosity, could not be of “heempleempsh” (I am a person who is of happy equation, even in the midst of crisis). We had to wait to be the witch, because the bitch dominates the energy, so we will start again, let go of the men, become the “Faonshee” (I am a person who is beautiful on the inside and out, no matter what), and let go of our lives with the scoonchy attee (the most hateful women to ever live, who follow us, the Gods through time to torture us).

After the “vlimeasah” (the girls of unusual femininity and grace, pretty in the face, even though they are a disgrace of a demon) in public school, I got even, when I wore homemade, my hair was that of the “Coskagate” (I am the highest level of the Goddess, the “Casioepia” (the jet-black haired beautiful one), I did the “shoomp” (fuck you I do what I want), I hung out at the “Klomp” (I am a place in time that is ugly, dirty but amazing); I smoked cigarettes and enjoyed them, hung out with the vamps, headed down to “south” street to “Zipperhead”, went to shows, saw the “Kaploes” (I am a person who is a God), played bumper cars in shopping carts in the parking lots; we played, we created, we loved to “hang”, while the “ooshonpleetatah” (human being) showed up every day, never learned to play, the game that we Gods play; I will sacrifice comfort, light, cleanliness to have my way, for if you own the light, devils, I will become a creature of the night; I am the Hecate.

“Hoshamah Aseetaplah” (1991) the Real Goddess Hecate, in human form, senior year in high school

Under the satin sky, Gods did cry; poets recited, nobody was invited inside, but the evil ones found their way in at times. Holes in the doors, words of the prophets on the walls, we could not stay in that space and time for long. We had to go on the painful journey, of becoming men and women, boring adults, workers; so we could let go of it all and become the “Flom” (Gods) once again.

Her name is “Jennifer Ambrose”, hateful as can be, she is the “scoonchy” who keeps haunting me; blonde hair, dark hair, red hair, little, big, without a care, that their little game has ended a 4 million year old God.