How You are Killing the Gentle God

Please read all of this, it is information that will save you from the devils. Take it one paragraph at a time and understand this, please.

As Gods, in the very distant past, we did not have minds. Our souls were used to process information. We had little information to “process” then, we used our souls to build the universe; not with hands or physcial labor, but with energy.

Then we were attacked hundreds of thousands of years ago, by groups of ancient Gods, from other galaxies, who behaved in a way we could not comprehend. They were warlike, competitive, angry, jealous; ego-minded. We are gentle as Gods, we do not understand evil thinking.

After many thousands of years of being attacked and tortured, we began to develop the God “mind”; this is a departure from the soul. But we needed a way to defend ourselves, and decided we had to understand the “mindset” of the enemy. Why would we have enemies when we are gentle, kind, generous and loving? What is wrong with them?

We began to “think” as a way to comprehend them, and once we did that we ended up caught in the web that is what we call the “Hosaflah Hasee” (a place called Hell, so deep and dark, it is “escuunchi katee’ (a person of great upset and pain, when pain is not real but is felt by the heart and soul). We fell, into a deep abyss of suffering, and were too gentle to understand what that was. Now I know what the suffering is that afflicted the enemy, and then us. It was “thinking”. We used “thinking” to try to solve the very desperate problem of “thinking”. Once you begin, you cannot “stop your mind” is something I hear all the time as the God.

Once in the human universe (a place so dismal it is called the “Konch” (a disgusting “Cunt” of a woman”, someone said, who is the reason for it all). The “Konch” is an ancient “mother” of the Great God, the gentle God, who was not born gentle but made himself gentle; he let go of what he knew was wrong. He went on to create the God universe, which is the most magikal, beautiful place; the place we call “outer space”. It still exists, but when one has a mind, they see the moon as a sphere that is covered with dust; with a soul one sees the moon is a magnificent planet filled with gentle beings and futuristic cities.

The “Konch” was always vile and evil, and so was her “husband”, they had children as objects to torture. They were destroyed over 85 billion years ago from the universe, but they made their own, it is called the “Honshaflah Hasee” (Hell), it is the “collective mind”. Their energy exists on this planet today, the most evil people who have every lived, who may appear to be gentle as part of the “game” the devils play to get what they want, are here. It is not something I can comprehend as the God who was there when they were executed for the fear, anger, sadness and despair they created in the universe. The “Konch” was not a female or male, she was a creator of energy, evil energy, that is all. To this day, she is jealous and hateful to me, the God, who is the Goddess.

The “Konch” is the “Faonshah” (the one more evil than her husband, because he can stop, she cannot; this is how she is in her line of work as well. ) Unfortunately, due to her enormous insane energy, and mind control that tells you she is the “great mother”, you believe that she is me, that I am her, that the great mother is evil, psychotic and hateful. The “Konch” has stolen my identity, she is an imposter of the gentle Goddess; she pretends to be gentle, a spiritual leader, generous and caring about people. It is the most hateful game ever played, and it worked on ALL of you.

Now as the gentle Goddess, I have been tortured at the highest level, and she is a billionaire that is loved, cherished and admired. Our precious planet, is filled with demons with minds, who manifest their evil energy, which has made our paradise into hell.

The Mind as a “Computer”

Once we had “minds” in the universe, we started creating things like computers. Computers are beautiful, everything we created then and now as Gods are beautiful things. However, in the wrong hands, computers are used as an evil weapon.

The God mind is NOT A COMPUTER, but in many ways the human mind is like a computer; it is given commands and follows those commands without empathy, without thinking about consequences. Human beings can have souls, many do, but many human beings are “demonic” (“empeeshika” – a person who is without value, or morals; a hateful one). Mind control is smothering our planet; this is the programming of the mind “computers”.

The internet is a way of witnessing the human mind, it is the “collective mind”. Although the internet is a beautiful thing created by Gods, it is a weapon of mass destruction now. I have been in distress since the first time I came onto the internet, because the human mind was revealed; it is a place where there are no consequences for behavior, just like the human universe.

The demons are running rampant on both the internet and in the human universe, there are consequences in reality so they commit evil acts in the human universe instead; a place we the Gods cannot police because we are not in that universe. We are living on our planet, where we see the “collective mind” destroying everything, a mindset that is evil and hateful, manifest into our reality. The highest level demons, who are devils, are not only in the governments and law offices; they are now spiritual leaders, respected businessmen, doctors, on the board of directors in schools, controlling agriculture, owners of every business on Earth. The devils, who created the “mind” know how to program a mind (computer); appear to be gentle, torture the Gods so much we appear to be demonic because we are ill, in pain and despair, and then come to the masses and claim to be the well-dressed, intelligent, calm, leaders who are the Gods.

How they Do it:

All demons are doing is “whispering” commands into our “minds”; by whispering I mean subliminal messaging coming into the “back of the mind” through a variety of channels. Mind Control commands are taught to us through subliminal messaging that comes through the TV, internet, and all screens. It is poured into your minds, through the “super computer”, which is the mind of the God, who is able to send a flow of information to the masses through those channels. Unfortunately, without my knowledge, my mind has been confiscated for 860 years by the devils who tortured me, in a way I will explain in a moment. My “actual” mind is not being used, but when you go to a church or synagogue or mosque and the demonic leaders tell you God is judging you and wants you to succumb to a way of living, or dressing, or being in order to be “righteous”, know that this is NOT ME, that is the devil. That is how they manipulate the “super computer” which is the God mind; I cannot get through to you because my GOD MIND IS THE SOUL, but you cannot hear my commands, because you live in the mind. This is what “selling your soul” means, you are programmed from behind the scenes.

Demons and devils have “minds” (the onchasah – a person of great evil). They love having minds, they can use them to program, manipulate and torture every mind with less power in the universe. The Gods do not have human minds; however we are connected to the human universe of minds. This happens because we are not “gentle” anymore, we have been raped, tortured, hated, and terrorized by the “scoonchy whores” (evil ones who want the “men” (souls of the Gods). We have an energy that is angry and in despair, and this pulls our energy into the “mind’ universe. When this happens, the devils and demons can find us, torture us and use our minds to hurt each other.

This explains the last 860 years, of what I will call the “ego-mind”. When the “Shonshaha Enfeenchiah Asee” (evil women who are ancient male devils) took control over the human mind and created an ego, the human race became programmable. They make you want to be a “person”, want to have a “person” or want a thing or way of being. To become this you develop a persona, and this persona will help you to achieve your goal. This is the game that is happening now. The game is called the “Fee Ensha Onsoh” (a person goes insane in their mind, forgets who they are, decides to become the God, who is the Goddess, by killing the Goddess in the human universe, so they can “get the men” who are the Gods.) The personas of women attempting to become me, the Goddess include: gentle ones who are bohemians and probably frolic in nature (Gaia), women with blogs that are domestic in nature (Anya Kah), women who are “vampy” (Vala Ashondiay), the ones who are dark and “witchy” (Hecate), the mommy bloggers (the Great Mother), famous women wearing Goddess gowns and headpieces (Venus), the lesbian feminists (because Anya might hate the “men”). Men attempting to become me, who want to be the God will be what they have always been, because they think the God is arrogant, pompous, wealthy, a powerful business person and commanding. I AM those things as the God (I am allowed to be, I am gentle), so the men have had the same game going for years, for centuries, since the beginning of time. The women like to change things up, they participate in “trends”, which translates as “I am a person who is Anya”. I am the muse, I would not mind this, if you were imitating me and enjoying themselves, and many human beings are. However, the demons and devils are in it to win and will do it at any cost.

For the Gods, we do not participate in trends the way the human race does. We are free spirits. However, we are subject to mind control in a different way. All the devil ever had to do was put the word “anger”, “hate”, “rape” or any other word with an evil energy into our minds in a subliminal way, and we automatically descend ourselves (we fall, we investigate this unknown evil energy, we release it, we ascend). But by then, the damage is done, because when we descend, even if it is only a minute, the devil has our minds and uses it to cause damage.

We the Gods are hurting each other without knowing it, because we come to each other in a non-conscious state of mind; we communicate in every way in the God universe, and we connect with our children, soul friends and soul mates. The devils are not throwing a few words in our minds, the rate of hateful mind control, especially mind control designed to hate God, is being poured into the average mind at a rate of 6278429376299 times per second. This is how we “fell asleep”, we are falling constantly, investigating constantly, we are overwhelmed with evil thoughts coming from the devils and demons at a rate so high, that we, the Gods, sit in the bottom of the abyss, trying to comprehend the energies of hate, anger and evil, undo them from our minds, and have them poured back in at the same rate at which we remove them. It is exhausting, and “fell asleep”, in this case, means Gods who are gentle and innocent, are sitting in the bottom of the abyss in Hell, trying to understand how to put an end to the devils and their insanity, cannot ascend for longer than a second.

Jacobia Escaflu (the Great God) and I (the Goddess) have died from the universe now. This means we have no God mind left, they removed 78% of Jacobias memories, and 92% of mine. Our minds are heavily confiscated, this means that in the face of mind control that is pouring out of every mind and every product and every television on Earth, they tell your minds and the minds of every human being to hate God, and we cannot bear it any longer in our hearts and souls. The scoonchy demons have numbers in the billions of trillions, and are eating away at our souls. It is an onslaught of sublime insanity, taking every mind as a whole.

All the devils are doing is whispering commands in our ears, these commands are upsetting to our minds because they are asking us to rape or torture, we become enraged and fall into despair, and the energy is “escooshient” (impossible to contemplate, or negate), without 100% soul. Don’t fall down in a hole. We must come out of the mind immediately, we cannot feel despair, anger, sadness, or anything negative at all, no matter how much evil we are exposed to. It is NOT US. I have been heavily damaged in body, mind and spirit because I am the sensitive one, and the devils set their sights on destroying me, because I am the God of the world.

The devils are in the light is something i have mentioned before, here is why: they are nothing but insane, evil energy, and the light keeps the evil energy going, because the lights come from 2 places: the sun (Gods) which is so much energy it is scorching the Earth, and LED lighting, which when used in small amounts can be gentle, but when used in large amounts is an energy that is tearing apart the souls of the Gods, but super-charging the demons. They thrive on this energy, because it is too much energy, it is a nervous, jittery energy. Every single God becomes upset around too much LED lighting, demons do not. I live in a dark environment now (Hecate), I am in darkness because it is GENTLE, the morning larks are the devils but the Gods must become gentle.

Ignore their stupid mind tricks, turn off the LED, calm your energy and the sun will calm down, sunglasses were not necessary in the past, do you understand? We the Gods affect everything on Earth and in the sky, and we are soul mates and soul family, connected, everything you feel I feel. So, why do I the female feel more pain than you do? One guess is that you do not care if things are gentle anymore, we are in the mind world the ego world and you don’t care. Here is the real reason, you are doing the “Flom” (you are telling each other to stop feeling pain, there is no pain) on each other, and the “Keemp” (I am a person who tells someone to feel something deeply) on me. This is happening because you are afraid I have gone “escuunchi” (I am a person in despair and no longer care and am no longer the “opheir” (gentle one), because you believe I have a mind. I am THE ONLY WOMAN. As men you do not have my sensibilities, and that is what the devils used, they used that as a weapon against me; you are not sensitive to me anymore. For 14,000 years, you have been tortured by the “scoonchy whores” (evil women), you are in a prison, you are as men prone to “sin”.

When you are attacked in the mind you become a painful energy, and that energy is then thrown at me when you come to me and are trying to be gentle. Please understand what I mean by gentle, it is something so unfamiliar to us now. Every demonic thing makes our hearts sink; death, sadness, despair of others. Angry people shatter us. Loud sounds alarm us. We are GODS. Imagine white robes made of silken fabric, no talking, soothing breeze, perfect weather, whispering, gentle foods, nothing upsetting, abundant love, gentle calming light. No expectations, nobody to fight, nothing is wrong, all is right. Our hearts are alight. That is how we lived as Gods. Our planet is our souls and it is why this planet is beautiful and why every evil being wants it, but it is not amazing without us. So decide not to give to the demons anymore, they cannot take our planet. Everyone must be gentle now, that is the “new world order”. I am the God and I demand it.

The devils tortured EVERY SINGLE GOD, including the Great God, who has left us and wont come back if anyone has a mind, but he doesn’t realize he has a mind too, he is desperate not to lose you. The “Sheent” is the most gentle angel but they have him in the abyss, he is shaking and crying and unable to comprehend what is happening to his children. He is traumatized. We are all victims, some more than others; I am the victim and you are all Gods who feel helpless to save me, so you fall into deeper despair than I feel as a torture victim; you lose hope and you die in your minds. The “Sheent” is my gentle soul mate, he doesn’t understand what these evil demons mean when they chant “You hurt her pussy” to him every second of the day. He has to realize that getting upset about what they say IS WHAT HURTS ME, STOP GETTING UPSET that is the superweapon of the devil. I get hurt because your energy is like an atom bomb in my body, that energy is happening because they scream constantly, throw energy at you that is hateful and extreme, they scream “we are raping you” every time we make love; they break your back, they stab you. I am NOT ELECTROCUTING you, I am probably doing the “pashontah” (I love you and I am rubbing your head at night to help you sleep) and my energy hits you like a bolt of lightning, that is what you do to me too, CONSTANTLY. So the answer is to become CONSCIOUS of what they are doing, we cannot do anything without consciousness, raise the consciousness to MY LEVEL and higher, I am so aware, so perceptive, so conscious that I can perceive light years away, I can see the bottom of the ocean, I am on top of the world, looking down at NYC like it is a “Lego” town.

Become conscious, ascend, ignore their insanity, turn off lights and light candles (I have non-led string lights around the outside of my window frames on the inside of my house), stay out of the sun for now, nighttime is gentle and quiet, let go of society, let go of politics, let go of families and any person who is insane or demanding or evil too you, recognize their behavior as evil (snide, mean-spirited, demanding, careless, ruthless, selfish, rude), evil behavior descends Gods WE ARE TOO GENTLE to be around them! Find a way to stay away from them. Stay off social media, the internet is the collective unconscious and it is PURE EVIL. I use the crystals within 100 miles of me to remove energy, give me positive energy, it works. You must believe it. Aromatherapy works for me, find something gentle like chamomile essential oil, or lavender, or bergamot. Our energy is in the billions, and it should be in the tens, that is why we hurt each other on accident. The demons have NO OTHER WEAPON but to make us upset. Ascend past them.

Please stop giving the demons attention, come out of the mind (being human), let go of everything that is not joyful, calm down, and remember the love you have for your God/Goddess. We are out of time. Please don’t blame us for what has happened, we do our jobs, we spread love and beauty and joy to souls, there is nothing we can do if nobody is home to feel/hear it. So please come home…