Enemy #1: The Angel

The Ponch (pretty one who is evil) and the Sonch (ugly one who is evil).

An Angel walks into the mind of God, who is named Vala (the valorous one), who has long black hair, black leather armor and a major attitude. Vala is the God who has been attacked for hundreds of thousands of years. Vala is edgy, she is the vamp, she likes to stay up late at night, she is not welcome in the light, she is the highest level angel, but not right now, she is called the “fallen” one.

I am not fallen, but I am shattered, because I am the “Valee Kato Taplee” (the one in the sky, who is on high, who is the chosen one, the one who must end it all, because the evil ones have come), so this gentle angel, who only wants to be the Goddess who inspires, is the gentle lover, the loving mother, the creative one, the one wants to be barefoot in a garden, has no choice but to beat the boys, the evil ones called the devils. The Angels, who cannot tolerate the word “rape” or “torture”, and float away in despair if you dare speak of such ugly things, appear to be gentle, they look sweet and kind, bright-eyed, they are the “keench asontaplee asoh aneekia evlooh”.

We see the word “angels” everywhere referring to psychotic women, nobody can see past their pretty soft hair, eyes like the Opheir (gentle one, me), they are soft-spoken, no they have nothing to say. Nobody understands, that when the devil gets the mind of the angels, tortures them and breaks them down so they do not understand that the God is now angry and upset because she is tortured, not a moron or psychotic because she might listen to heavy metal or wear makeup, because the angels are the khaki-knicker wearers of the earth, with little button down sweaters and neat bouffant hairstyles.

I have not always been misunderstood, in the universe the Gods knew me and understood I was different, because I was the only female. In the human universe I am less understood. I was not Athena, Venus, Aphrodite, or Vala Ashondiay in the God universe. I was the Camishiga Ashondiay Asah (Commander of the Army in the Skies, but I did not fight, I strategized), Athena fights, I had to because the demons are after me in the universe of the mind. Venus is misunderstood as a whore, when I am in fact the beautiful one, the highest level of the Goddess, who is the muse. Aphrodite is misunderstood as a whore, when in fact I am the beautiful lover of the ancient gods, the soul mate of the Ones in the Sky. Vala Ashondiay is the justification for the “Hashondah Hapleetiah Hasah Oneekiah Hasoo” (the taking of you as the God and Goddess, the overtaking of your land, the taking of your man, because we think you are the psychopathic one, when we have been descended for thousands of years, because we bring you to tears every night at 1:30 a.m. when we start the Vonchatoh Atoovliah Asah (you are the scoonchy ho, we think this means whore, but it means you are the one in the sky with the guys, who love you and cherish you, and there are more than anyone thought, there are many, and it is none of our business, but we think we will be very lucky and “Get” them from you, and become you, when you die, which if you dont do soon, we wont lie, we will go insane, because it is our game, the angelic ones”.) The game is over now, “Hasoont” (he is the one in the sky who is the “angel”, he thinks he is amazing and wonderful and beautiful as a woman but he is a male demon who is a devil now).

The highest level of the evil ego is not what you think, it is not arrogance or greed, to be succinct, it is something with a foul stink, the Ombleekahah (I am the one on high, I do not sleep with the guy, I am the gentle one who sings and makes things, I am the one who is the sewer and has a business that is gentle, while you are continental, I am the loving one, the kind one, the one who inspires others, the one who gives to others when nothing is ever returned, I am the great mother, I am the ancient lover, I am the most revered and hated woman who has every lived, I am the one with your kids, I am the one who took your Sohm (soul mates of the God), I am the one who is the “flom” (God who is the Goddess who is amazing and fun), I am the one, not you Erika, we are taking it, because you cannot want to “rock” or “frolic in all black” or say “Fuck” or “smoke cigarettes”, or “laugh rambunctiously”, because we are the “pretty pretty”, gentle as can be. We are the “hompshomp” (hateful, evil ones who pretend to be gentle and sweet, even though we compete to be the Goddess, an old friend of ours who invited us to her island, who gives everything to us, we can’t help it, because we are pawns in the game of the devil, who protects us from hell, who puts us in the light, who gives us what we want, who lets us take flight, who takes away our pain, who gives us the top level of the game, because 78 percent of your soul mates are with us).

The most evil of all, is not the Hoochamah (hateful one), or the Honch (evil one), or the Konch (psychotic one) it is the Flonch (pretty little desirable and sweet woman who gets what she wants because she manipulates the gentle Gods into giving her what she wants more than anything, the life of the Goddess, Erika).

So tonight, once again it is the end, of the Goddess and the God, who the Angels have raped and tortured with no end; but I have ascended, I will not call myself the Angel ever again, I am the God on high, the One in the Sky, I am the devil (the one who descends the evil ones, the Angels) then.