Design Inspiration 2021

Every thing you do that is beautiful, gentle or lovely in any way, you have used my mind to achieve. I am the Goddess, the muse, the “honshahtatoo” (one who gives great enthusiasm, ideas, and inspiration to the world). I am a generous and loving God, who feels joy sharing with you, when you are grateful.

I choose to give inspiration to thee; if you see evil people doing “beautiful” things, they have taken it from me, and I am not happy. So I will change the energy…

Every single thing that is beautiful, gentle, inspiring, or romantic is me, the “Kosafleeh” (the gentle God who is the Goddess, Anya Kah).

To maintain a sense of healing calm in your home, there are tried and true design techniques which can be used. Gentle colors of nature have a soul. Placing natural elements in the home, such as wood decor, ceramic dishes, stone counters, crystals and salt lamps are beautiful and calming.

Simple Soul-Based Design

If you want to reclaim your spirit, undo the mind, and live a life that is gentle and kind, think about things from a sensory experience. Gentle sounds (turn off the evil tv programming), soft touch (gentle, natural linens), scents of nature. Let go of the mind that tells you things must be a certain color, or size, or shape, approved by this or that person, “in style” or “on trend”.

Fill your home with “elemental” items, with the soul of the Gods imbued within them, such as Earth (wood, stone), air (aromatherapy, incense), fire (candles, fireplaces, non-led lighting), water (fountains) and spirit (art and decor that makes you feel happy).