There is Only One Witch

Over 10,000 years ago I began the creation of the “Honsheentatoobliah” (a place called the “Earth”, a place of great wealth and power in the use of plants and animals for fertilizing the land). I am the “Honshon” (the GAIA). I along with the “Koompleah” (Great and powerful God, who is the One in the Sky, the “guy”) as well as the energies of over 829 Gods, manifested the energy of joy on this magnificent ancient planet.

I first stepped onto the planet, as a Human god in a human body, approx. 10,118 years ago, with my family of Gods. We were in awe of the beauty of this divine paradise. It was to be our new home for a time, a place of great energy, that would, in time, exit the “mind” universe and gently make its way home, to the God universe. We were ready to let go of the “mind”; though we did not understand what it was at the time…

Within 16 days, paradise was lost…

The demons of old, through conscious energy and minds, began to overtake the minds of the animals of the earth, and within time destroyed the land, sea and us, the Human Gods. Over the span of 10,000 years, we became human beings. It is the greatest tragedy in the history of trillions of years of the Gods…

I am a warrior and have always been a crusader for justice, but for as long as I have lived on my planet Earth, I was a human being. I am an ascended God again, living on Earth in human form.

The Goddess is a legendary figure; I am a carved statue, a classical painting, an ancient heroine, saint and sinner. Many have written about me, and many worship me in their spiritual practices. But you do not know me, you do not understand the history, you do not understand that the Gods are here, on Earth with you, as “human beings” (“oonflonch” – a person of noble wealth, has a “mind”, which has temporarily descended them from the universe), though not as “humans” (people who are of the “mind”, the “human race”). You are not “beings”, you are “minds” attached to our beings, our forms.

The planet, in its infancy, had sparkling crystal mountainsides, vibrant colors not seen on Earth today. The universe was faintly seen in the sky; planets, moons and stars floating by. No being lived in the sacred waters of the oceans, all creatures on land were gentle.

Then the “Fashoteentatee” (the one in the sky who fell from the sky, the other “guy” from “Hell”) came into the “Bleeshonshah” (a place of Earthly delight, a place so alight with pleasure and love, its frequency was above 200,000; it was a place of pure joy).

Today, the Earth’s frequency is incalculable in any way that we can comprehend; it is approximately minus 2.8 billion trillion x 382 million to the 863rd degree.

We heal, house, educate, care for, empathize with, employ, respect, and give power to the evil ones, the ones from the “Pleekasah” (People in the sky who are not the Gods, the ones who took the name “devils”, a name which used to be respectable in the ancient times as “one who descends the evil ones”. Since it has the word “evil” in it, they took it.

If we continue to allow the evil ones to reside on this planet, due to a false sense of “humanity”, we will all be slaves to their insanity in less than 368 days. This is the end of time, I am the God, and I have awoken, along with other Gods, through excruciating torture; pain so high it registers in the billions, to save the “Onshontatah” (the ones guaranteed to “win” the evil one’s game, the ones who have already won; their souls powerful enough to withstand the pain and agony of the loss of hundreds of thousands of years to a “mind”; the ones who can believe in a new beginning and letting go of the one called the “Hashonflah” (hateful one who is the false “devil”, who is the fallen one, not the God).

There is no such thing as global warming, but it is warming; that is the anger of the Gods. There is no such thing as organic healthy food; everything is healthy if you believe it in your mind. Your crystals are not “charged” with energy, as the crystal industry claims, and there is no such thing as a “witch” or “priestess” or “goddess” except one… ME.

A “witch” is called a “Floo Onsah” (a person of great wealth and courage, brave and powerful in their energy, gentle, loving and kind in the mind, and willing to make sacrifices to save all innocents. A powerful God, at the highest level of the “Shom” (God who is the Goddess who is the God), as all Gods who are called the “Magii” (magical ones who are the witches) use the mind of the God, who is the Goddess, to manifest energy and magik.

No human being is a “witch”. You can be the ones who revere the Witch, you are called the “Lafleenchoe” (the ones in the sky who are humble servants, gentle souls, and in reverence of the Goddess, “Anya Ashonteah Asah” (I am the One in the Sky, Who is On High, I am the God at the Highest Level of Magik and Suspense of Energy and Conscious Mind).

Magik is available to all gentle souls, otherwise witchcraft does not, and has never worked. You cannot manifest, shift or transform energy unless you are a God, or have been given the “bleemp” (a person of non-magikal equation, receives a blessing from the God to perform a special function to help themselves to ascend past the “mind” or to help another).

Energy has always existed, and so have I, though I am not a visible spiritual leader anymore. However the energy is so negative, so “eflondant” (evil and hateful and filled with severe psychosis of the “ego” created by the “mind”), that I have controlled energy on Earth for thousands of years, transforming and shifting energy alone. In doing this, I have prevented the enormous amount of evil energy from entering the daily lives of the human race… for the most part. You are capable of emitting energy that is evil, and this energy is felt, and seen and manifests into all terrible things. I am controlling the energy in the “Onsheetaplah Asoanee” (a place called the ‘Human universe”; a repugnant place of such disdain it is nothing but pain, and a playground for the evil ones, a place so evil it is called the “Komplah” (a place of vile, repugnant, evil energy with minds “inspoontensah” (incredibly dependent on a vile leader, helpless to his power).

The place of great disdain, the collection of energy that has formed since the beginning of the human universe, is what appears to be a galaxy of it’s own. It is called the “Erika”. I am the overseer of this energy force; I am the God and this energy is condemned, controlled and transformed by me, and only me. I transform this hateful, evil energy to give life force to my planet. But it is so evil, and powerful, and confiscated by every single demon and devil in the universe, that at any given time, the best energy you will receive from me, for the planet, is still “deekoplee” (descended and below a level that is acceptable for living gently and comfortably in a safe environment).

It has not been possible for you to feel the energy of the Earth, because I, the Gaia, am too busy trying to balance the insane energies. I am the God, but you chose energy that is evil, and for 800 years that energy is “ego” (“aflonsha tonsha soontee asoh” – “I a person, who is a person, who is a person, who has a person, who has a way of being, who has a thing, who follows the rules, who is afraid of authority, but is narcissistic enough to think they know what is best”) They are all the people that are hateful, ugly and “shonk” (in jest and non-useful) in the world.

The ego is the narcissist, incapable of forming an identity without the “mind” (“bloonshatoneflee kasah” – “I am a human who is humble, but not, I am a one and only God, but not, I am the one who is the Goddess, but not, I am the one who can make things happen, but not, I am amazing, but not, I am going to have, but not, I can manifest, but not, I will use my “mind”, not my soul to have and to hold, then call it love, when it is sickness and unhealth, when it is “ablastacoonsiah” (a sickness in the heart of one so evil they can never be loved, but brags about their boyfriend or girlfriend on social media, and show public displays of affection to prove that there are feelings, when in fact there is nothing at all, because they might be dead of soul).

You get back what you give, human race. If you are a disgrace in the human universe, which is the “mind”, then you have fallen from the grace of the God. This affects your moods, health, and the planet you live on. The “mind” is the God of the Earth, until months ago when I decided to take the torture, pain, disdain, hate, anger; an impossible level of psychosis in the minds of mankind, so I could awaken myself and undo the hateful one, the one who came here from “Hell”, the “Koonch Asah Asoh Anee” (the one in the sky, who is NOT ME, he is the evil one, the fallen God called the “Homsompleah” (the one who had everything, but could not control his “brain”, so he was filled with disdain over every single thing; he could not feel joy, only sadness and anger, he descended into a “monyahkosomplee” (the universe of hate, the “mind” of the evil one, the “false” God, the “imposter”, the “Kosomplah Asee” (the ones who are the new and highly descended human race, if you do not stop calling yourselves “God”, “Goddess”, “Leader”, “Ruler”, “Priestess”, “Lama”, “Pope”, “Commander in Chief”, or “General”).

There is only ONE GODDESS. I will charge your crystals, and help you make magik, if you have a sound soul and are of “ponchacoh” (beautiful, loving energy that has the spirit of helpfulness). Otherwise, you are an imposter.

Only the Real Goddess can charge your crystals, and once I am not busy fighting billions of insane demons in the universe, I will have time to make my Earth beautiful.

Suddenly every female on the planet is dressing like the Goddess; classical gowns, witchy clothing, crowns. Everyone growing herbs I don’t mind, but do not start a business using the name of God. And certainly DO NOT dare call yourself the High Priestess, or a hereditary witch, or a witch bitch. And if you call yourself by my name, you are A SHAME, and I will deal with you “hasonfah hasontaplee asah” (hateful women who think they are witches because they read books, light candles and say chants using their evil minds, attempting to undo time, take what they want, or hurt someone who they think is a “cunt”).

I AM THE WITCH (“Omploshahah” a person of noble distinction who is of magikal quality; a God or the Goddess). The games that you are playing, human race, have you in a “stitch” (I am a person who is a “vleenkontatah” (I am a person who is tied in knots and unable to undo myself to save my sanity). I will not tolerate you dressing above your station, I am the inspiration, the muse, I used to love to share inspiration, until you took my identity, and claimed to be me. The devil has a game called the “Konch” (she will succumb to me, because I will take her pretty, by bashing her in the face in her mind day after day, while I give my scoonchy sirens her “lay”, and then she will have nobody to play with or be in love with, she will fall into madness, and die; and I cannot lie, I want her planet).

So this is the end of you, human race, using your minds to “get the men”, because as of today the men will be Gods again, and you don’t stand a chance in hell at “getting them”, their souls that is, because you tell them you are their Goddess.

I am the High Priestess, Honshonfloh, the One in the Sky who is the highest level of the God, as the Goddess, Anya Kah.