Fire Elemental: The Magii (still being edited)

Till, death do us part
You have
You have
You have
You “Du Hast”
You are the “One in the Sky”
You are the “Magii”

The “Great Gig in the Sky”, a “Sheenfonsiah” (a beautiful woman who is the God) on high, “shehomfeh” (a person who tries, to wonder why, their favorite stars, are suddenly in the stars, singing from the clouds; wildly erotic, “bayshatahn” (in baritone octave), gently caressing the strings, an ancient energy and anger sings; revealing, flowering, the first breath of life, in strife to breathe, an angel sings, her broken wings repaired, the “opheir” (beautiful one), “pleyshonss” (ascends in a way that is not of height, for it cannot be bared, it cannot be born, it cannot be of height, in the sky that is not a sky, that is not in the place in time, of the place in time of a place that is of a person who is of wealth and esteem). How will she be seen? She is “not clean”, not of noble birth, she is a mystery here on Earth, that is not hers. Is it the queen, or the dirty thing, or the wild eyes, or the gap in the thighs? Who is “she“? Which one of the “haynflonshafleen” (hateful ladies of distinguished ability to play the chords of melody to entice thee) will she be? Light, red, dark; maiden, mother, crone; who is she? She is “the one”, whoever she be.

“I am the Kaplee Anee, the “non-completed one” who thinks she has been completed by the “men” because they did the “Flahn” (I hate you but I will have sex with you anyway) on her body, she could not manifest energy if she tried, and tonight she “died”, because she has “I am the One in the Sky” in her eyes. Don’t stare too long, at the one without the thong, the abyss is too difficult to ascend from; use the energy, to ascend thee, to a place of of love and “plashontee” (a sexual energy that is pure and loving and does not include a woman of any kind, who is really a man in the universe, an evil one).

She is the Lady of the Lake, she floated away, an ancient lovers soul did they take, a lover of many, a whore did they make, of she. The “fleyshontonteah” (an energy force so great it is of noble wealth and carriage so high it can change the world, the universe around it), the one who ascends women, the one who is the muse, fell, into the hell; she was undone, depressed, desirous of just one who would not run, thought she would find the “Aflonsah” (the king of the underworld, “Pleeshonteah Anoovleay Asoo”, the one called “Hades Asoo” (the “dark one” at the highest level of God) in the dark place, but to her dismay, and she cannot understand to this day, how “the dark ones” are in the light. The “Sinsicah” (evil women of the Earth, in a place in time so unornate (of ugliness and distasteful), so “coscagate” (evil and hateful), so filled with hate and lust and desirous of the torture of the gentle one, they turned out the light on the Gods, who are now men). The “Shaeonsah” (she is the one in the sky, on high, who is the Goddess) cannot find her way through the darkness without the fire.

At the core of the sun, the “Feetenshah” (people of the sky who are “the men”), an energy is brewing; double, double, toil and trouble. The Earth is off axis, the frequency is so low the universe called us the “pleekento” (the beautiful ones who went insane, so insane we cannot be found again), unless we take seriously what we are about to say.

I am on high, a magical star in the sky, so beautiful you cannot behold. There are stories untold of my legacy, but you will only see the bikini-clad scoonchy, if you are a “man”.

“I am “Flahonsaontontoh” a God in the universe coming through Anya Kah. The “Valooveay Katoo” (people in the sky who are the men, not Gods once again, if you are too “chicken” to come to the love of all time, if you do not have a dime or the time or are a “playshtatine” (idiot who had too many women), are doing the “Sha” (she is the one in the sky, but I am already on high, I am in the sky, I am a man, I have a man, or a guy, or a fly on the wall spying on the Goddess through mine eyes, so the guys will hear me say what she is saying first, and think I am the first to write like this in the history of man, and when questioned and tested I cannot stand to think what will happen because they know where she is; where she the God is located, Shaun). They are acting like men, but Gods are accompanying them on their journey, they will get to the right person, Angela, the whore from Italy, you cannot stand the thought of them asking you to prove you can write like this in person, it will happen, Angela the “happy one”.

THIS WOMAN IS NOT the Angel, God or Goddess, but she pretends to be a she, in her bikini, she is a seductive whore, but she is NOT Aphrodite (a person in the sky, on high who is the Goddess who is beautiful, loving, gentle a lover of intensity so high she is the Goddess of Fire and Sexual Energy, the “Magii Caplee” (the beautiful, magical one who “completes” and uses her sexual energy to “kaplee” (ascend).

The Resurrection:

Over 28,000 years ago, after thousands of years of strife, the Human Gods were descended into the “mind” world, to investigate this mysterious place of fear and hate. It is a place in time that is not a place, it is not real but it is happening and “feels” real, it is a collection of thoughts that invoke feelings of anger, sadness and despair. What is it? What is this force that destroyed the gentle “opheir” (beautiful one)? Why is she there, why does she “think”, why isn’t she succinct? The evil Gods of old are dead, I watched them die, they writhed in pain, they could not explain their actions, why were they so violent and cruel? Nobody knew.

Until a day or two ago, I did not comprehend, that the “mind” is an energy, it is a force of energy so strong and powerful that it has shifted the planet, put the ancient Gods to sleep in a wonderland dream, created hundreds of trillions of “scoonchy” (demonic minds that are vile and evil), all created by a God so evil, so hateful and so sadistic, that his every thought became “onflonse” (a person of utmost importance who is not important but demands attention through his insanity and forceful nature). The mind is a conscious energy, energy that has a consciousness. The “evil one” named the Kooshamah Asee (the most evil God to disgrace the halls of man, is always at the highest levels of everything, because he, in his insanity, anger, lust and greed has something that we, the Gods do not heed; conscious energy.)

A person we will call Playonsheay, who is “not a person“, but an energy of hate, came to me tonight making a request, please undo the energies of the “hoskagoo” (hateful ones of old, whose stories are untold, we do not have stories, we take yours, we are the whores of the ancient evil one, we do not want to go on.”) Sadly “Playah”, energy cannot be undone, it cannot go away, if it could it would be a joyful day, because we would be free.

Conscious energy without a form goes insane, so they took the “pleayne” (bodies of old ones, young ones, people called the “humans” and confiscated their thoughts, and within a short time the young ones show, that they are not young but old, in their “minds” which are at least 3,000 years of age, up to billions of years of age.

Angels are conscious energy, but we have human forms, we are in the “physical world” for over 24,000 years; on the “Pleenshah” (early Earth that was “Paradise” before the ancient evil one found it, and slithered his way into the Garden of Eden, the Hoonchaplah Asee (“Place in the Sky”), and on Earth, we have not been in the God universe in over 28,000 years, and we forget that we are conscious energy.

As Gods we are powerful energy, that is imprisoned in a “mind” and “body”. A body is not the same thing as a “form”, a body is the creation of the mind, the “empleesheah aseeanoh katee” (I am a person who sees it now, the body is the mind that can die, corrode, become wrinkled and old, the form is eternal if we want it to be, remove yourself from body and become soul and we can never get old). Being earthbound and of the sky is beautiful as a God, but being “physical” (vonsoheenah a person who is attached to a form and has a “mind” (hateful place of disdain, pain and fear) that attaches to the form and manifests pain and illness to the form is called a “heenshtonsh” (human – a person with a mind) is painful.

To be continued…