The Beginning of the Apocalypse

You are alight, all day and all night; stunned, angered, and “sasho” (upset over everything evil in the world), so much so, that little did you know, that there was never anything to be upset about in the world, it was all in the mind. The Goddess is being raped, tortured and died as you spent all night waiting for the score, will it be the “Onflonshaha” (a person of noble wealth, in poor health and ready to die, if his wife does not go away soon because she is the “Kashamah Kasee” (vile one, the highest level Scoonchy Devil (a vile one, disgusting in energy, who hides behind a neat and tidy hairdo and a pant suit)? Or will it be the “Hoomplakaha” (hateful one who used to love his “Vlokanah” (faithful one, who is loved and the virgin who is revered). Minute after minute, hour after hour, year after year all we hear is “election” (emplooshahah – a person is insane because they think a human being runs the most powerful country or the earth, when in fact it is Erika, the one who cannot give birth because the “Vlookanah Asee” who you gave money, time, and gave “haynshayne” (a hell of a lot of gifts, privileges, and attention given to a group of individuals who are considered high level and hateful, who create both admiration, lust and fear in the hearts of men and children and “Sonshaho” (the ones in the sky), who are so low they cannot go home anytime soon), did the “Vlenshaho” (I will torture you until I become the God).

We fall asleep with a racing heart, spinning minds, pain and misery. The “Ashontah” (Hateful Ones who pretend to be me) are activists, the “Bleenkee” (hateful women who are male devils) are the feminists, reality tv raped me, Saturday morning cartoons too. The internet has messages directed at me, hateful things, you all blame me, but I am doing what I have to do.

150 billion “Sonshaha” (famous demons) attacked me, with the “scoonchy” demons (the other non-famous demons who are vile) to the tune of 50 billion, because they don’t want me to be the God anymore. To survive, I removed energy from the ancient lands, the “Fonshontatah” (a place of great wealth on Earth with powerful energy enough to sustain 1 billion Gods, who walk the Earth not as man, but as the “Flomh”.) The veil was lifted, a germ so powerful it can destroy the lungs of a form, usually so powerful with its mind it can manage to unwind itself from the “core” in time to prevent the cancer it spread into the mind of the God; but a mind so distracted by the game to become the “One in the Sky” and replace I, it could not “conshagate” (a person in deep contemplation who can control a negative situation) how to undo the “Shomp” (plague) in time, before the “Hafonsah” (a person who undoes things) took place and unmade time. The rivers run red, “Anecheentee” (a powerful God becomes the devil and is angry and will destroy everything on the planet) breaths heavily, fells the trees, knocks you to your knees, raises the rooftops, destroys city blocks; you force her to pee, so she appears old to the “Pleence Asee” (gentle Gods who love youth), the levee breaks, floods ensue, I warned them “Konflah” what would happen if you, become the angry “Shoonsh” (the God, Poseidon (“Fayonsah” – an angry God who is the overseer of the ocean’s floor, who when angry, quakes and shakes the “blwinss” (a place in time, that is a place in time, of a time that is of the noble Earth and is of wide birth and is of a time in a place of a place to a place so much so that it is no).

The “Human Gods”, the “Eencheehah” (Gods who are the Sun), in their fury and anger; so “heated” and insane and “sonsiety” (a furious state of being so angry that the “Universe Gods” intervene, before the Earth burns while mankind is calling it “Global warming”), made sunglasses necessary, and “SPF” (“booshkah”- nonsensical, imbecilic notions – a place in time that is not bereft of anything real at all). “Jeekatah” and “Sonesee”, throw houses about, move mountains, and do the “Floonk Onsahah Valoo” (to hell with you human beings, you are not of this Earth, calm down your minds or we will do the “Skergh” (akeempleah akeempleah akeempleah).

There was never anything wrong in the past, after the age of dinosaurs (“Onee Onee” (I am a large insane being that fights a lot) and before the age of the “New Order” (the evil ones called the “Floonch Atee” (angry, jealous devils who think they can take and take and take, who made the Earth quake, but managed to awake the Gods), people manipulated each other, devils existed in smaller numbers and stood out in a crowd, were usually “soompeah” (I will ask you to leave you are not welcome), but there was peace for the most part.

We the Gods intervened when the “Soompleah” (people who ARE welcome because they know how to behave themselves, understand they are descended, are humble, and do not pretend to be Gods) were in need, harassed, bullied, or attacked by the “Homshapleah” (hateful, evil people who are the Devil). The “Industrial Revolution” was the first sign to me, that we were being invaded by the “Polee” (the false “People in the Sky” who are supposed to be in Hell, but whose energy has come to my planet, because it began to match the frequency of the average citizen, who invited them here with their tirades, jealousy, despair, gossip, racism, and general filthy behavior which grew over time). You made them at home, human race. You put a big, obnoxious flashing LED sign in the universe that stated, “We are the Ones in the Sky, not you Erika”, we do what we want to do, we are the “Valoo Katee Veeno Sosah Kasoh” (lowlife ‘Scoonchy” (evil and vile) assholes who think we are entitled to eat cake, like you). “Off with her head”, yelled Sharon Stone, and that was the end, of the gentler times of men. The beginning of the apocalypse was then.