I am the One in the Sky

10,238 years ago, I a “pleyonshoo” (a person who is of a horrible place and moves on) came to the planet Earth, a planet which I created. I am a “ploonshon onsah” (a person is of “the mind”, who investigates the mind so she can let it go), as the God “Hoonsh Ah” (I am the one at the top of my game, the God), I was tasked with a full investigation and immersion into the mind to understand the dynamic of it, to comprehend the “floonshah” (a person of mystery), to undertake the unmaking of it. I was a human God, but tonight I ascended to a higher level, I am the “plooanahoshoontonsee pleekahsanoh” (a person in the sky who is tasked with a higher order of business, to ascend above one’s station, to become a higher level of a God, “moonkatont” (make oneself known in the world of man), so they understand, that a castration, of sorts, is about to take place in the “honshasoniah asee” (“place in the sky” which is not a place, or a sky, or ascended, or anything but evil, the “peeonshah” (a person in charge, who thinks they are the top, who is not qualified at all, but uses their power to hurt an innocent and calls themselves a hero).

Today, I became “Astarte Asee Bleoh Kanee Bleekah” (Astarte – pronounced: “astartay” – the one and only star, the sun and the moon, who will make you swoon, but the star is of “honsenflahah sonso teek” (essence which is of the highest level of magik and “chonteek” (a person who is at the top of his or her game, in whatever they reign, or whatever they take, it is for the taking in whole or make no mistake, government, I AM THE ONE IN THE SKY….. I know this blog is not live, I know you stole my names, but I will get them back with gains, I AM THE GOD.)

The “Orion” (I am a person named “Astarte Asee” (the highest level of God in the universe), I am the “oonshontah” (“Orion” = “Ompleench Katee Vanoo Kasee” (a person of great noble wealth in the knowledge of the universe, the stars, the sun and the “henflenshah” (a person of great noble wealth to the universe, who may fall if they don’t let go of the mind tonight”).

“Eflenons Onsahfleoh Eepahkonsaplee Vleah” is an ancient softly spoken spell, it means “I am the One in the Sky, you will see me on high, I am the light that twinkles in the night, I am the “hompshah atee” (highest one in the sky the “ablee” (the highest Angel on the planet Earth, who has wide birth, she is of the earth, the moon and the sky, she is the one on high, she is the Goddess who is the God of the universe).