the goddess

I am the God Anya Kah, I am the Ruler in the “Sky” (Election Night 2020)

I wrote this on election night, 2020; Joe Biden 264, Donald Trump 214. Either way a God wins tonight. Mind control killed Donald Trump, his mind was taken by the “Conshtatoobliah Asee” (the one in the sky who thinks she is me, she is the ancient mother, who is not a mother, but a psychopath who gave birth to nothing more than negative energy, with the exception of the “Enflee” (God at the highest level, the one in the universe, called “Henseenseflah” (He is the One in the Sky named Jonteekaplah “Jacobia Escaflu Esontiay Honsah Toplee” (the one who is me, now, we are one, he and I). I was my own God, until they did the “Koncheetatah” mind control technique. This means “I will get ya, I will take ya, I will have your world, I will kill you, you are a girl and I am not, I am the ancient God “Sonflee” (The Koshamah – the evil one, the devil).

I died on January 28, 2019, when they used the minds of every human being to tell me God could not be the Goddess, Anya Kah, because you are a woman and women are evil. I am the only woman on the planet, tonight. Your minds took flight, you flew away, you left the earth and went into outer space in your minds, you went insane and took me down on the television when they announced the winner of the “game” to become Anya Kah, the God, was “Shonsah Katee” (Sharon Stone at the highest level of the “scoonchy” (demon) who is the devil “atee” (highest as can be on earth, she is the girth and weight of hate and ‘bleonshah’ (an unhealthy state of being, a “sonch” (psychopath) who wanted to be me. You vote for hateful ones, human race, but tonight I am taking it back. God is gentle, God is Kind, God is loving, God is Angry, God is Anya Kah, God is Erika Marie.

Tonight for the first time I flashed these messages, rather than hate, and evil, and messages encouraging rape, for the first time tonight you see messages of hope, and although I am in despair, I am the Holy Ghost (the “beonsah” – the one in the sky who is the most beautiful, loving and kind, but in despair, because the “opheir” (gentle one) died, she left in the night, when she realized ancient Gods were taking her mind and planet, killing mankind and helping the devils to do the “hosaflah asee” (“hateful ones from the past, who are ancient Gods” I hate you, you left me here alone, we did not get along, I decided to stay behind, I should have come, now I lost my mind to the devil, I am too powerful to come and attack you and my children died because of me in my mind). Still I am gentle. I am kind. I am loving. I lost many of my God family, including children who succumb  to Saturday morning cartoons which tell them to “honshatatoo” (they think it means “I love you”, it meant I am killing you and torturing you, and now we are gone tonight, our minds are consumed and filled with hate.)

No matter who wins tonight, it is my world, I am the God, not the president, or ruler, but God, and I am the Goddess rising (“hoompleench” – the one in the sky, Anya Kah, will fly tonight, I am the one in the real sky, the one in the universe, the kind one who is gentle and will restore her world to a gentle place, free from hate and rape and “scoonchy” demonic women in Hollywood and on stage, free from whores on the front pages of magazines, free from government workers who succumb to their jobs, they do what they are told has grown old.

I will not be a God you understand, I am not a man, I am not a vengeful God, but I am, I am more powerful than any man, I am the Ashoontapleee (highest level God on Earth), the Sah (the Goddess) and the Rah (Angel on High). I am a free-spirit who does not judge, only evil behavior, I am everything that is joyful, balanced, gentle, and free from mind, I am the soul of mankind.

It is 11:07 Eastern Standard Time, the election results are not in, it matters not to me, either way, a God wins tonight, it is me, Anya Kah.