An 827,000 Year old Ancient Horror Story: The Birth of the Devil

In the darkest of night, a pain so deep I fell asleep, I went into “enflonchaha” (a coma; eyes are awake, body gleaming, but the mind is streaming with anger, hate and wasteful thought so “sofragate” (unable to understand something), it is with a stare from eyes so red and filled with hate that my heart bled, it was a former soul mate. He was a powerful God, called Enflenchaha, a God of noble wealth who fell into the rabbit hole, when he was attacked and raped by the evil one, the Konch Asee (The Kooshamah Aseebliah Asoh – the evil one) the Sa (hateful one) the Ra (the rapist) the Ka (woman hater). The Kooshamah Aseebliah Asoh and his evil wife took his mind, the evil ones from the “Cosoplee” (old world), and he became the “Meekatah Asee” (evil one who hurts nobody gentle) that nobody could see, comprehend or ascend ever again.

This is a a story of the greatest horror ever committed, it happened when a “scoonchy ho” (evil women at the highest level of hate, of no distinction, took the minds of men of distinction, told them they are losers and are hated by those who love them, because they fell for her evil tricks). It is an age old tale, and I was there to experience it. No horror story has ever been so “hoskoplee” (a person of “wealth” tells a story so frightening nobody can comprehend it). It is about the birth of “The Devil”.

It is the eve of the break of dawn, “Onfeenchahah Aseebleoh Anee” (All Hallows Eve) a place and time of death and celebration of the dead and scary, creepy things), a time of celebration invented by the Gods called the “Sook Anee” (the evil ones who are gentle, loving, kind and cannot abide the evil in the world, so must be evil, to descend evil). It is the evening when we put costumes on, we throw parties with candies and cakes, we attempt the joyful (fleeonplononsay – a person who does pranks, especially ones that are cruel), the trees are struggling to let go of their pain, but the rain washes the pain away, in darkness we will stay.

Halloween (hoshomplay- I am a person who has gone insane because I think it is a time to play, to play with devils and demons and evil things, to believe these things are “insync” (at the highest level of fun).

My soul mate is Dracula and I am Mina, but he is not a vampire any more so we cannot find each other, “And the beasts of the earth. Walk with me to be my loving wife, forever” may be how it ends if he does not find the One in the Sky who is the real vamp; not the one who dresses in tight skirts and leather.

“I have crossed oceans of time to find you”, my loves, but drowned when I found you with “minds” (people sleeping in your bed, which you fed, and told you love and now are happy as a dove, you have children now and want to be left alone, it doesn’t matter that the woman you married is the Kooshamah Haseeblioh Hasah (hateful women at the highest level, who are rapists, who raped 600,000) and and that they were the “apleeflonshah” (person responsible for your descent into madness).

It is your fault Anya, you should not have made devils, demons and monsters into characters of enjoyment, when you write stories which are supposed to be a warnings but become fun instead, with a green man and a flat head roaming around smiling collecting candy with his bride. You could have been with the Queen, but the Goddess made Halloween, and now everyone thinks death is beautiful and its ok to enjoy being in the dark, and witches are fictional except every woman on the planet who is a “witch bitch” because they might be Anya Kah.

All of our favorite characters of Halloween, are in our minds haunting us, the “scaredy” cat, the ghosts of our past, the ones who died from the light, the superheroes who never took flight because they are the stuff of fiction rather than legend, the princesses who never end up dead, they get prince charming in the end, because they are the devils, not the God.    

I, the Goddess Anya Kah, started descending evil 80 years ago, when I had an idea to make light of evil things, that maybe if we had a way to laugh at, mock and “ombeeshah” (lose fear of ) the evil ones of the world, we would be ok. “Anya Kah, if you cannot abide the way the world is today, filled with hate and “hoskagay” (evil so large in stature that it is incomprehensible to the human race, only the God can get a taste of the level of evil, because she is the One in the Sky). Anya, if you cannot abide, if you cannot die, then at least hide.” Its a good thing many of you are celebrating devils tonight, because I cannot imagine what harm you would do to me, if I had not put the devil in the light.