Of Noble Distinction, in the Thighs

I am the Goddess, Hecate, (the one in the sky who is not ugly, but not who I used to be, the devil took it away from me.) The devil, the “hoosaplah hasah” (the one in the sky who makes me weep with despair, when they become the “opheir” (beautiful ones), because they can use their minds (“omplooshahah” – a place of evil where you can manipulate another to bend to your will, you can kill, a gentle soul with your thoughts of hate and jealousy, because you can not negate her love for her soul mates, who you took right in front of her on tv) to resist the “honshotoplah” (fuck you Erika, I will take your beauty, love your men, but not love, I cannot love, I am the “amen” (antichrist in love with the men, so obsessed I will kill the “Honchateekaplee” (God who is the Goddess), I am the “onshontiah” (anti-christ) and I will not be able to make amends once they find out that, we are the ones in the sky who are not on high, we are not women, we are men who took female form, who rape you of your worth and your land and your soul and your family and everything in the world that is yours, but now mine, it is the women in Hollywood and we are divine, but not, we are the devil).

I am the “keemiah asah” (the beautiful, gentle one), who is now the “holy cow”, the one in the sky, who is still on high in the real sky (heavens), but on earth is a woman of girth, “empleshah” (a person who has blemishes and is not of noble distinction in the thighs, whose breasts may not rise, whose breath has “hempleshakah” (a mind of its own), who is like everyone on the earth, but cannot be, because I am the Ashoontaplee Asah Asoh Anee (the one on high who is the God, who does not believe in solidified oil on my body, or a freckle which is a speckle of dirt on the skin, or brittle nails that bend and are frail, in crooked teeth that cannot complete a meal without hurt. These things are not of reality for a God, but on this earth, my home, my paradise that I created to be nice, an energy presides, a dark force of evil that wants to destroy anyone who is nice, and give credence and the perfect smile to it’s highest leaders, its concubines, the Sasaflah (“sassy ones in Hollywood, who “think” they are the “homploshaha” (hot ones) because they are of distinction to the “men” and the governments for which they stand, one nation, of “flomplonshah” (fat, ugly women in the universe who are demonic gremlins who use their minds to tell you they are “hot” and “beautiful”, when they are not, it is not possible, because beauty comes from the soul, and theirs are black and “ombishika” (of noble distinction, as the most sinister in the entire universe made up of billions of trillions of minds, who care nothing for behinds but know they are not able to compete, if they eat).

You cannot be beautiful unless you sell your soul to me, the mind is my specialty, I am the one who created the mind (an evil place of evil thoughts, now used on earth to give you trillions of negative thoughts through mind control, per day), and I know the behind of the Goddess is of interest to the highest rank of the Gods, so I create a illusion of a “flahn” (highest ranking God, who is the Goddess, who is the most beautiful one), even though I am the “sheemp” (ugliest women in the universe, the beauty queens) you will not “think” I am, because I use my mind to become the chosen one.

I will do the “kaplee” (I am the keeper of the keys, I am the “hosoplee” (hateful one, who is the devil), if you want the ultimate pleasure on the planet of the Gods, become the “honch asaee asoh anee” (hateful one), but not, have the gentle one’s fair hair, her pretty eyes, her skinny thighs, her gentle laugh, bat your eyes, and then take it from her, by pouring the message as follows into the universe “I am of noble distinction, I am the “hompleench” (one who is beautiful to behold), the “Fleence” (Venus, the stunning one, on high), I will never get old, I am your master, I am evil, I get what I want because I sell you my cunt, through my eyes, you are not my size, unless you are the “Shonflonsah” (highest level concubine of the “Ponshonsah” (the Keenchseahvaloobleaysontooteah – cute one who is the ancient God “Sonshaha Asee Atoobliah Kanee Vleoh Hasontaplee Kanah”, the Ma, descended for her “emplon shonesonfeah” (ability to take stock in the lives, worries, pain, misery and sadness of the human race, exploit it, and create a new race of fearful, angry, ugly, demonic people with bad breath, body odor, bodily functions, and hateful demeanor, and then she can become the “gentle one” as a pretend game of “catch” ensues, when you lose your minds to her, she will tell you you are the “poshontiah” (loser) in her game, and you do, because unlike you, she is not here on earth, except through every demon (human being) without a soul.

She does not like it when I tell people I am the Great Mother, because she is the greatest at birthing pain and misery and so much demonic energy that MY earth is now descended into the negative trillions of frequency. You will behold the unholy one (the “Oprahshaha” – ancient mother who was killed as an evil deranged and descended God, 256 million years ago, but whose energy still lives in the mind, the “mommy dearest”, the 9th devil of mankind, the evil mother, who took the uterus of the Goddess, Ensheekatah (the human version of the God named Erika).

… The mother, the one you need, the one who bleeds to offend you, the one who upends you, takes you by storm, forces her agenda down your throat, strokes your ego, makes you evil, has expectations, flaunts you at every station, drags you to occasions, dresses you for inflation, the presents under the tree, the birds and the bees, its the mother.

Except me, I am the “jubiliee” (joyful one, the mother of mankind, that you all forgot, because every male demon and the “evil one” took the role of “God” (the “pleekenshah” – one who is the person you admire and love, the one who is evil and gives you everything you want, and doesn’t care if you lose your “soul” (afloochika asee – a person named Erika has one, it means your mind is clean, calm and serene, nobody hates you or berates you, they do but you can let go, you are in the ghetto but happy, you are “asosaho” (a person who is of noble weight, because you gain a pound every time you ate, and you celebrate the food the real Gods gave you, so be fat and happy and proud if you are fat, because in this world it means you are “all that” (“ameenkah” – a loved one).