The Magic Forest

“I am demonic but you made me too beautiful now”, said the tree to the artist who recolored the image into a magical rainbow of colors. “Enfah” (a person who is fat but still beautiful) is not a word you will ever hear from a human being. Fat is not something ugly, per se, but in the God world it is something called a “ploneshonteen veenshentoe pleoo” (way of controlling a group of people who are descended). The group in this case are women. Women are insane, they descend themselves by fretting, obsessing, worrying, and doing “chompleenkako” (submitting to a male) with their weight.

Women who are thin feel empowered, they dress in “bohemian” clothing and call themselves “free”, even though they are in a prison called “omplomp” (a place where people go who are afraid of things, even though the door is wide open, and the thing they are afraid of is not real, but it is real to demons). Naturally thin women are fine, but that doesn’t exist. Thin women find ways to manipulate their minds to lose the weight, and every industry in the world does it as well. Thin women are succumb to a spell, a powerful spell cast by a demon who is a male. He likes to get control of your minds, and if you are “Not OK’, you will be tortured and not allowed in society again.

Luckily I am the Buddha, I am the “Chubby Chubby” (the cute chubby God named Bliasah Asoo (the Buddha who is chubby and cute). Otherwise I would be subjected to the fate of the average woman, I would become “coscagate” (a hoot of a person, who is a thin waif, pretending to be a fairy when she is a gremlin, Kate).

The artist took woods that are filled with demons, I see them because I am a God. To the left is the “Scooch”, then the “Sha”, then the “Koskaga” and many more. It is impossible for this image to be beautiful as long as their are “scoonchy whores” (demonic women) in it. But the artist is a God, he made the image “eemplee” (beautiful but not, with lighting that suggests angels and colors that suggest Gods and Fairies, just like Kate at photo shoot). The waifs of the world do what the artist did, they take their demonic eyes and use their minds to tell you they are a pretty shade of blue. They use their thighs and tell you they are “the perfect size”. They take their lips and tell you no other can kiss. They manipulate you. This magical forest is an illusion. It is dark and somber. It is filled with hate, evil, the trees are in despair and growing in a way that is bare and tilted and falling and “kropsoe” (really deranged and upset). These trees are not trees, they are barren, they are stripped clean, they are too skinny to hold themselves up and struggle to stand. Where does that staircase lead to…. something bad. But with a smattering of makeup in the shades of pink, green, purple and blue it brings the fairy out of you and you can imagine that something beautiful is happening. It’s not, but we want the forest to look this way, so we manipulate and make it appear the way we want it to appear, so we can make people happy and think we are the Goddess rather than the demon.

I am the fairy “Oonasontaplee” and I bought into it as well, but this image could just as well be hell. I cannot bare one more evil forest as the Goddess, I go into despair, so I see fairy forests instead. That is what men do with women.

I love mystical forests, with mist and towering trees, but this forest is filled with demons and evil things. I love spooky, but this is not, it is deranged. Take it into Photoshop, add some rainbow colors, lighting and fairy sparkles and the same thing happens, you are creating an illusion for the viewer.