Demonic Energy on Mother Earth

I am the goddess “Gastontapleeasahasoanee” (the one who is Gaia, the one who is upset). The earth is in peril but not for the reasons you think, it is the energy. Upset people create tornadoes, sad people create rain, evil demonic people create earthquakes, the earth is made up of a collective energy, and people are responsible for what happens. Many demonic energies have changed the landscape. I am the Goddess, and the God will change it.

I am the wolf named “Ashant” (a person (God) named “Fleekashontiah” or “Freddie”), I am joyful, beautiful and happy. But the planet I live on, the one I helped create, is in peril. Global warming is a result of hate, it is an energy that the gentle Goddess (Gaia) cannot take, so the Earth is out of balance and must be restored or the human race cannot live. Most wildlife are tragically sad, angry, and some outright demonic. This wolf is what the world of the Goddess looks like, gentle but powerful.
Some may think that this is a beautiful scene, but its not, it is a depressing scene, not hauntingly beautiful but depressing. The wolf “Onstootaplee” (the one who is God) is unhappy, the other “Kont Atoo” is a demon, he doesn’t care if the energy is low frequency.
This may look kind of interesting, but it is in fact “emploe” (a place so low in frequency that it appears to be happy, it doesn’t care if it is intimidating or upsetting to people), these trees are “fonsha” (fucked up and insane in a way that is hard to explain, they are not calm).
The demonic energies in the world like to pass themselves off as “beautiful”, “interesting” or “pretty”, but they are in fact, “plethorashatontiay’ (really evil and devious and misleading in their way of being). This is not mother earth, this is “Asontaplee Asah” (the devil in disguise, but not it is an evil female demon).
This is a magical scene, filled with ethereal butterflies who are angelic, the mushrooms are cute, but there is a somber scene, the texture of the earth is upsetting to the senses and the energy feels sad.
“I am not a happy tree being wrapped up like this by roots and plants, I want to be free”. This tree is the God “Fonshtootiah” (A person named Erika, she is me).
I am the “Plaaonshon” (person in the sky called “John”, your son, and I miss you mom, I am of the forest now, watching over you and my family, I need to connect with thee so I can return to you. I love you so much mom, the demons got me, but I will return a God.”
I am “Kenshontee”, the Wild Stag, and if this acid rain and cloudiness and low frequency doesn’t end, I will not be able to stand it. Where is the joy in this forest?
I am the “Konshteetiah” (The Sun God) named “Andrew” and I love you tonight”.
This should not be covered in “hair”, that makes it vulgar and suffocates its fertility. Nothing is as it should be.
Anyplace on Earth, where fairies can play, hide, dance or sing is a place where the Goddess lives. Here the fairies are invisible to humans, but I see them. There names are “Consheetee”, Oonsah, Felor, Bleeka Bleeka Bleeka So, Omnieekashontiay, Lornteetiah, and Maer Maer Maer Katoo.
Toopatapateeataasoh (tiny little mushrooms, meant to spring up and make people happy, they give life to a mound of dirt and moss, and are filled with vitality.) They are not allowing anything to bother them, and that is the way to be a God then.
A demon named “Ashtontaplee Keesah Faloo” lives in this forest. I love the morning dew, fog, and hauntingly beautiful things, but as the Goddess I can tell the difference between that and demonic energy. This is a sad scene, the trees are not happy, and they want the demons to leave.
“Anpleeshantoo”, A God named John, fell over 30 years ago in this forest. It was a wind storm, the air was upset by a demon named “Fahamplay” (Teri) and it was trying to destroy the soul of the Goddess.
These mushrooms are “foodstontiah ashantoo” (ugly pretty but ugly because they are upset and grow in a way that they are trying to close themselves to protect themselves from the energy. Toadstools are adorable Goddess energy, when they are relaxed and happy.
These mushrooms are demonic, they are upsetting to behold, they are called “wonsootiah” in the universe, which means “evil and disgusting but not at first glance, when we try to make sense of energy and get upset we have a tendency to make light of it, to make it interesting so it is not upsetting, and that is these”. Some would call them “unique”, but they are “hashoont” (demonic and grotesque. These do not belong on the planet of the Goddess, but demon energy has overtaken and must be diminished.
This lovely scene shows what the planet of the Goddess looks like, cleansing crystals, gentle natural hues and soft moss are lovely and calming. But the earth is being ravaged now by scoundrels who are into the trend to possess crystals and be “witchy”. Never let the general public get their hands on things, they ruin it. I am the Goddess and there are many gentle “mleemleenah” (people of the Earth called “pagans” (the earliest Gods), but most human beings who call themselves this, are cheap imitations, and do not respect or revere the Gods, and I am putting an end to it. A return to a gentle earth is in order, and that means an end to the”shontoonteah” (insane people who are not interesting and claim anything that seems cool).