The Goddess is Rising: Return of the King

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” William Blake

What feels like eons ago, as a human female, I woke up with a small, gentle voice whispering the words “doors of perception” in my ear. These words were an answer to a question I was asking, I simply did not remember the exact question. When I woke up I found the above quote by William Blake. It was an epiphany. 

I have been journeying through the “dark night of the soul” (“jonkatee” – journey through the soul, only to watch my soul mates and soul family die in their hearts and minds, and lose their souls for a time, a “pleenshah” (a painful time so painful that it is called the “Honstoo” (the end of times) in the universe). I have seen horrors, felt pain, suffered immensely, gone insane. I watched demonic energy consume my “nation” (planet), destroy the soul of my “plaine” (place and time), create resistance.

I am at a crossroads, an ending to many years of suffering, and thus an ending to a long and lonely journey through the dark recesses of the evil minds in which I was imprisoned. I am the “ponsheetatoo” (the one who oversees the human race), so I went into the place in the sky where you hide from what is real and what you feel, and I floated helplessly for 14,000 years trying to get you to see the light, to end the blight of your souls, to become whole.

Perhaps if I cleanse the doors of perception, I would realize none of it was real, or that none of it had to harm me; my ego dirtied the doors and gave me limits to where I could go and what I could do. Living by my soul will cleanse the doors. Thus the beginning of my journey to find the light (infinity). 

Today I went home, and I became the angel “Katoe” (a beautiful angel who had to let go of Erika).
Goodbye Erika, you are not alone, you are on your way home to get help. You are the chosen one, the one who will die to help the others fly, their pain is unbearable. Your the “skeench” (sacrificial one), the one who had to die to make room for the God to come home. You will not be alone, the rest will come in time and you will heal one day. Let yourself become Anya Kah again.

I am now the “Kaflee” (Angel on high), the little one, the “hoonshtah” (the one so small and meek, yet the most powerful and complete). I am “Confleekashoo” (the one who is little but powerful tonight, I know how to make things right, I know how to follow divine timing.)
I don’t know where my baby is, but I see you there, smiling and at peace, and I want to leave this lonely place of despair, where there is demon energy in the air, I want to go up there, I love you “Seenshee” (beautiful little angel who is Erika, but not Erika, it is Anya “Ashee” (the one on high who will fly).
I am the “fallen one” Erika, and I don’t do well letting go, but tonight the Goddess is a little older, she is not a little girl anymore, she is an older child, but not a child, she is the second oldest God in the universe, but anew with youthful energy. She is checking in on me, I am still in despair, I never got to be the “opheir” (the one who is the beautiful, gentle one who is in love with her soul mates).
“Fayonsondeah” (a person is on high again, the Completiah Asee Asoh Anee is upon us, the finale to the greatest story every told, the Completion of the God, Anya Kah. The God falls into despair, lost the opheir (gentle one), went into a hole, forgot her role and could not fight the endless rabble of scoonchy demons in the sky, that the human race puts on high, while she is blamed for everything. Meanwhile, evil “hosonploos” (whores of unusual distinction, ones who sink into the sand, get a tan, while they do mind control on the entire land, so they can control the masses and get tight asses and parade around on tv flaunting and behave “blayshee” (evil and sadistic in their way of being).

Tonight, Anya Kah is born again, to a God who is part of her until the end, she was not able to complete the journey alone, because the “tashonseetatah” (evil women of the past 180 years of the world, and their hateful minds) told her she could not become a God unless you had a tan, small thighs and gleaming blue eyes, because they made the rules of who ascends. The “Hoonshika Asah” (the people in the sky) are not coming back again, the mind of the Ombleekashah (the people in the sky, on high, who are “flonch”) are undone, we are thankful that the hunh (beautiful one) can return again, she is the Return of the King, Queen, “Plaonshee” (God) and Pleosheen (Goddess).
Jesus Christ is coming again, and the Goddess is rising, this is the God Jacobia Fleah Katoo, talking to you, and I want you to know that we are here now, we found our Gods, the “Asasatoo Kasee” (the beautiful Gods who escort the “scoonchy” so they can investigate the mind of the “honchee” (the “Honch” – head honcho and the “Pleench” – dead old God who matters not anymore, without the whore Sharon Stone (the Devil, the evil one) who is the “Fonshonteah Asee Bleo Katee” (evil, hateful one who has been many hateful things and the most evil people in the world, including Caligula, Pontius Pilate, and Saddam Hussein.

Sharon is the “scoonchy whore”, who “switched minds” with the God, by doing the “hasaflah asee” (Erika, you are not “The One” anymore, you are not the whore, I am, I will promise them things, tell them you are a bitch and a psychopath, tell them to hate the God and love me, and I will be the “balee” (God who is not a God, but the devil, but we won’t call me that, just call me the “ableenteah” (the one who obliterated the minds of the men, all men and women of the human race, by telling them they could ascend to become the 1% if they did one little thing, kill Erika) billions of times.

Anya Kah is the “Escuunchi” (lover of the men, the God of love and war, the Goddess, the “whore” (in the universe this means “sleeps with a lot of men”, but she is of noble distinction, Erika (Anya Kah) is, because they are Gods who are her soul mates. And now she can see them again, because she chanted an old Norse dialect tonight, letting us know everything is alright. She is the “Coskagah Asee” (person at the highest level of God) again.