the goddess

Ego killed the Human Race

I am the Goddess “Sorsonshiah” (“Donnah” (The spirit guide who is a soul mate) the sorceress who is not forgiving easily your hate), they call me Seenshtonce (The God who is big and kind and loved by many, the one who gives energy to the world, the Chosen One, the One who is seen again, the One who ascended the human Gods, the One who is at play (working).

It is #midsummer (fonseensh – A time of great wealth, growth and “honoriety” (happiness when there is nothing to be happy about). For over 100 years the human race has steadily descended, from a meager frequency of “3”, (3 being sadness with moments of joy, 5 being at peace and calm, 7 being angelic energy, the Gods) to a frequency of -800,000 +. It is the mind, which is the ego that has descended you. The human ego is the most evil thing in the human universe, it is the essence of “me”, every terrible thing that has ever happened occurred because humans with insane minds, meant to be on a journey to release the mind and find the soul, chose the ego; you fondle it, stroke it, reproduce it, adore it, obey it, whore it, and restore it to a place on a throne, an idol that you worship, your own (self). 

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