Dea Luna

Litha – The beginning of a new era

Foonsteeshateesheasaso (A place in the sky where the Gods go to die, because they have outlived their welcome.) The human race never said goodbye when they whispered the shockatah in our minds 15 million times today. They don’t care about the Gods but they don’t understand, we are the breath (air) the beauty (sight) the ground they walk on, the soil they till (earth) the breadth of life (the soul), the konshteetaplee (The people in the sky who do the things for thee, that you think you do, like write operas, create classical masterpieces, invent violins and guitars, paint the stars, invent the wheel and the automobile, design the clothes you wear and the styles of your hair, write the books you love so much, and everything else beautiful in the world).

It has always been this way, God’s of old were the doctors, the healers, the witches who conjures potions for the townspeople, the storytellers, age old and the wise, and also the young and filled with delight. Until the past 100 years, we created, invented, designed, and inspired everything. But with the invention of the very human thing, mind control, we now have demons who come into the minds of the Gods and steal everything and claim it as their own. You have tired of being inspired, now you take. We write poetry with our brilliant minds, and you steal it to write a hit song. You suck the beauty out of us with your vanity, you destroy our gentle nature with your insanity. The human race are a race of workers, you are meant to be humble workers and on a spiritual journey, and then humble humans die and go to a safe place called the “hosaflah” (heaven). You contribute to the amazing world the Gods (who are in the world with you with human bodies) create for you, and then you bask on the glory of what should have been paradise.

Paradise has been replaced with the abyss, a place where you kiss for attention and control rather than love, a place so vile that out of a one to seven frequency of energy (seven being angelic), the earth frequency (having been at a “3”, 100 years ago, which is low and considered slightly negative) is now at -862,628.

Frequency (eenstontashootaplee), is the way of measuring the amount of love that is on the planet, in the heart, in the mind, and in the soul. This world, which is the soul of the Gods, has plunged so low, that if this continued this way for another one hundred years, the human race will be drooling, unable to learn, deformed, unable to reproduce, starving, and raping each other constantly.

Litha, (Fleenksheenkateenk – A place and time that is warm, midsummer, haggard and ready to begin dying). It is not the beginning of summer, summer means (enshontah- an end to something beautiful, a new beginning, a time of growth and dying, for the this time has made way for new things). That is what today is, we are in the middle of the dying of, whatever and whomever (demons), are lowering the frequency, but a beginning of a new era, a gentle era, with Gods who are no longer men (plonsee toontiah – arrogant, evil, hateful, nervous, worried and insane like the “oonce”), but are “The Sha” (ones of old who die and are reborn of anew, “ashew” (Erika’s kind, the gentle ones).

Only gentle creatures, plants, and beings will survive, and she is worried she will have to say goodbye to her beloved if they cannot let go of the “hive” (hive mind – “Ashonteah” – The belief you are part of something that is not real, so you fight for it, take all the honey and let the gentle ones die).

I am the Angel Fonsteehondiah, the one who is “Erika”, but on high (the God). You hurt me inside and out, you destroyed my mind, you hurt my kind, and tonight you spank my behind and call me “kid” and “hun” and ‘nun” and threaten “the tongue”. Your time has come…

So tonight I pray, and I have faith, that everyone can let go of the “keempliay” (mind, that is so false you think it is real, because you don’t know how to feel without the mind “ego” telling you what to do, who to do it with, how to do it the wrong way). I am the “Fonsteehondiah” (angel of death), and it is coming to anything evil or depraved, void of “sososamah” (a person with a soul, the ability to love and be loved, one who is capable of empathy rather than hate). But you may not read this, because it is “koskatgate” (missing from the internet)…. the message is out there “Fonsee”.

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