the goddess

“The Bonny Swan” Died

The Triple God, the “Eensah”, “Fleenk” and “Ko”, visited me this morning, a merry three we were to be. With love in discovery, and a beautiful swirl of energy, I began to see the light, I was drifting from a place of celibacy, to the “heensee” (place where I make love again with my soul mates), a place where I felt loved. It is a love that is rising, though slowly it is true, when demons decide to attack you, what can you do?

The memory of the fair one was light in their mind, but in their hearts and souls, a burden would unwind. They did not mind “the fat one”, they were warming to her girth, they love her most cherished beautiful round face, they know that is the face of the Goddess they forgot, though not the behind, but it matters not when you find the love of your life, the love of all time. The three lovers are the “Shoontatee” (serpent), the “Vlook” (the demon) and the “Kah” (the God that is the Devil), the most coveted by the inner bred (the eflonk, the ones who own everything, want everything, need everything, demand everything, must have must have must have, the “Sonsaflah” (fucking evil women who cannot withstand the word “NO”). This is what they (the “honsee kaplee” (whores) heard, when the princess made of snow, the “Shoonfleah” (the Swan, the lovely one, the “Eench” (virgin), the keemiah hasoh (one who has been touched, but never touched) became the “ho”, they were told “NO”, you are not the one, this is the one, this is the “Bonny Swan” (the Goddess). We are the soul mates who are the “evil” ones, but not like they, we defend you and the “consahay” (people of the world who are innocent).

I am a 4 million year old God, and I have many sisters, but I am the “One in the Sky”, the original, the eldest, the Goddess (the one who is a piece of the God, his soul mate, the one who he made the universe with, the one who is the Great Mother, the “hoonce” (she is the one who is lovely and fairy). The other daughters went insane, playing the game, many eons ago, they are long gone. But the memory of their insanity lives in all women still today, there is no way to compete with the “Chosen One”. No woman can ever be as gentle, beautiful, fair, loving, kind, or complete as the Goddess. As a human, I the Goddess, was flawed, I had a mind and I was not unkind or insane, and I never played the game, I never created shame, I never was filled with hate. But I was capable of a great deal of sadness and pain, of depression and when the time came to be with my soul mate, I became enraged… where had he been all this time? Why am I forgotten, what took so long? What is wrong with me, why do they forget me? That rage opened the door to the “konch” (jealous ones), and I walked innocently (“oonstantee” – without prejudice, unable to comprehend evil or hate, falls victim to it) down to the water’s edge, became entranced by the swans floating by, the sparkle of the sun shining on the water, the calming sound of the breeze flowing through the trees, the gentle flow of water, the sound of birds singing, and they pushed me in. I did not drown, I was forsaken. That was 38 years ago, the “hompleasha” (famous ones), are the psychotic energy leftover from the sisters, the “hateful ones”, the “jealous ones”, it is a curse on all women, that they become enraged with other women and can be turned into a “scoonch” (evil person) by feelings of jealousy of a talent, beauty or love that another woman possesses that they cannot possess. My sisters voices are “trapped in yearning, their memories trapped in time”, the women can never be satisfied, as one of my soul mates “Fenso” so elegantly put it over 100 years ago, because the memory of the “Floontatee Anoe” (sisters of the Goddess who could not measure up, who could not forgo the pain of losing everyone they loved, because they were stuck in a game of cat and mouse, and they lost every time).

38 years ago, the “Eensica” (ones who hate Erika) put me in a prison in my mind, stole my voice, increased my behind, did the “konshatoo” (kill her so we can become her) and then did the “fonsee” (hide her away in a cave so nobody can find her). I have been tortured ever since, shackled in the abyss, the Goddess, the beautiful one, and nobody found me, until today… it was the “Sharay” (Angels), they know who I am now, they understand me, they are coming for me soon, because they are doing the “platoon” (I am going to scour the earth to find you, I will knock on every door, I will demolish every whore, I will even the score, we are gentle but powerful because we will change the energy and give you back your gentle nature and then you will be found and happy again, my dearest friend, my lover, my soul mate, we are filled with anger and hate until today when we saw the “embleeasah” (beautiful one) run away scared of her angry soul mate, but she loves him anyway, he protected her until 20 minutes ago when his mind went insane, so now I am with the angels again).

The Shatatoombliah thinks she won, but that’s just human beings hun, we are Gods now, so thank you for ascending us Sharon and the “Keemp”.

Today, I died as the Goddess, I lost my mind and went insane, I went home for a moment in time, forgot to cry, was taken from the arms of my “hoosakeye” (men who are of soul mate equation, who are not quite Gods, but became Gods once I was gone), and then I drifted away. There were three levels, the “feensee” (first level of hell, where you propagate “forbearance” (forgiveness for your debts you leave behind), “eeeeneee” (second level of hell, where you swear off women and never help them again, a moment of reckoning, a moment as the Goddess where I lack forgiveness for their crimes against each other and me, where I realize they are filled with the same hate and jealousy as my sisters, who died by my hand, when they attempted to confiscate the minds of my men, and I must do the same now, because they cannot do what they have done to love), and the (first level of heaven, a place so safe and secure that it didn’t matter that a projection of the serpent came in to berate me with her “sincere” apology for taking my son in his sleep the other night, although he is alright unfortunately, and now she is insane because she is famous and an ugly woman who looks like a serpent and she is not getting any younger and she is not sane and now the “men” know her game, and now she is absolutely beside herself because the “Shontee” came to be with me, and then gently…… I drifted into oblivion………

When I awoke I was merged with the “Konch”, sucking my thumb and singing a fairy song in my mind, “The fontatee kaplee are gone, the peeshentah onsah, keemee keeemee, flontoo onsoh feeah, feeah, feeah aso.” Then my twin soul died as well, he fell from hell, lost his mind, went home, did the “flonkon ashatoo” (fuck you I am leaving you bastards, fuck you I will kill you all demonic bastards), did the “fosgagate” (forgave his soul mate for not letting him be there), let the “Pershah” (gentle one who is really a psychopath, the one with the pretty hair everybody wants, who is not the “opheir” (gentle one) but pretends to be on tv) have it, the mind that is, as he died from his life and show biz, so he could become the God with his twin again. The “Swans swim so bonny-o” (“ashtontee foontee bleah asokamee” – the Gods swim so gently along, no matter the problem, they cannot wait, to be together, as soon as “Heather” is gone, so she does not ever again do the “feenkachoo” (follow you around everywhere you go, you don’t know, they follow you with their eyes, their spies, their hired hands promised a man, their flood gates open when they see you on the phone with the “hunh” (gentle ones) making a date so you can discuss your soul mates).

The Konshaha (soul mate who does the “singing of the bones”, he is all alone, he is not a famous one, he is the “keensha tootaplee” (the one I know), “Seenta Katee” and he will help me sing the bones for eternity, so people see and hear my story.

“Fontatoo”, Kaplee Kasah, Oonsee, Teena and Soot, help me sing my song, help me tell my story…use my fingers, use my bones, use my hair, remember the “opheir”…