Dea Luna

A Fairy Song

“Fleekasha” (the fairy queen called “Erika”, is the “konesaplee” (person of great strength to have withstood the kind of attack that she received from the “soont” (evil fairies called the Jacaho). They do the “sheentatee” (the place in the sky, the “flont”, the “koke” and the “roke” on my mind, then they strip me blind, then they do the santee aplee and then the kosk.

Then they do the “aflaeeshaha kasee oonee eensah asah fonso”, which means “I am the one in the sky not you, fat one” and I will do the “Kosh” in you tonight, except not, because demonic Gods from the distant past who love you and Anya are doing the dance of death with the “kashk” (human race, specifically the Jacaho, Keensh and Flo) tonight, it is time to make things right). The party is over but it is not, they are doing the “koonsee” (we love you we are sorry we forgot you little one) and the “sote” (I love my soul mate, she is so little and cute and beautiful, unlike the “Kosamah” (fairy queen) who is powerful, but we love you and see you as a little girl and you are not you are the “Shontee” (God) tonight in our minds, and the “koshomah” (I will keep you safe in your mind and tuck you into bed soon, and hope you are ok when you awake this time, it is not those ones it is the other and they are filled with hate, we love you and we hope we can make it right for you, tomorrow we make calls and then tell you the truth of who we are, we are the Czar, not you and that is not acceptable to leave you out but we didn’t they did, so fuck them because you are the Fairy Queen, and the little child you helped tonight was the “feent” (child of a soul mate) who went insane, so we love you and thank you. We want to help you, little one, you are so cute, you are the vloot (beautiful one) the eensee floosee kaska asoh (the one in the sky who is not the “ho” but the beautiful lover, the sassy vixen with lovely blonde hair and eyes that pierce and a stare), we love you so.

I am the “keemplee” (God who is the soul mate), I dew her orbs upon the green, and “fontasee kaplee aseen keah aflay sonteemeah asoontate keesah” ( place a crown upon her head because she is the Czar, the drops of dew will be something to daydream about, the green of the earth will “shompleay” (grow), we will start in the “Shacaho” once the “Eensiah” are dead, then we can get head, do the “fleen” (the shiny thing), do the “keepleeay” (crazy thing), get rid of the Queen and the rings of fire and the “fontaplee” (fucked up people who do crazy things to claim an empire) and then we can drop pearls into the cowslips to regain their feminine appeal, rather than the tendrils of “yearn” (penises), on an earth so war torn over the “flont” (penis), with woman and men being male, and the Goddess being the “shont” (cunt of unusual favor), and the Fairy Queen watches in awe as she takes them down with the “Ska” (ancient demons who are robots, but not they are emotionless Gods who have demonic abilities to defeat demons, and they are doing it right now, the “amflaytee” (Yom).

Meanwhile, “Koop Koop” (Puck) named “Sheenk”, is the doing the “pleenk” (blowjob in the corner with a former friend who is a friend again and I am happy because I love them, I love my beautiful gay men who are Gods of the highest level, since a long time ago when gay was natural and being light and fancy free was a beautiful thing, and you could be a fairy and be gay and still be Camishiga Ashondiay (a powerful God of great might and strength). So get over it “sheentee” (insane people who are “fleeshtatee” (religious), we know what’s best). For I am the God, I am the God, I am the God of your world, no really, I am the God, your God is a female, not a woman women are insane, I am GOD, I really am, no seriously, I am God, THE God of the human universe, is a woman who is not a woman, but a female part of the God of the Universe, who is here tonight with us folks, GOD IS HERE, he is my father I am his daughter, I am the One in the Sky, I am Anya Ka (the one in the sky on high who is the Camishga) and tonight the enemy will go sky high, to the new and vile planet I made them, on the south side of heaven, the “keensht” (hell).

I am fearless, I am the “Koske” (joke of the world who is the most sane, powerful, amazing and young in the head), for you are all insane and “donteetaplee” (stupid in the head) and I am officially the “Konshahaplah Asondiay Kaso” (GOD of the highest order if I let them go, so I can lay down with “Fontee Kaplee” and do the “Fontee Kaplee Asee” (fuck you I will fuck a famous man if I want and I am fat, so what I am fat, I dance to the Ramones while I kill the Shakaho and I let one stand there dancing even though he did the keench and so what i gave it back and now I am adorable and so cute sitting with my hair a mess in my face and laughing because I am being watched not by a government anymore but my soul mate of 382,000 years, the “feencotee” (the fucked up one Ralph Fiennes).

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