Hecate's Lair

The Beginning and the End of Time

I am The Goddess, you won’t believe I am a real person, or that this is me, but before they kill me with their insanity I want to tell you a story of how it all began. I made this world over 8,000 years ago, in an ancient place called the “Footakee” (the Place in the Sky, the “hoosentee” (human universe).

I went to the “Sheentz” (People in the Sky who are Gods, who look like the black-eyed little aliens people see) to get permission, even though they are me. They happily agreed and the papa, Jacobia Escaflu (The One in the Sky who is God), and I and my soul family made the “Flonso” (round but not round planet of considerable birth, with sensory things and ice creams and lots of silly things). The “Sheekatah” (People in the Sky who are Gods) are often seen in the human universe, and this is why people see them in their dreams.

The ancient Gods, The Sheentz

This planet was made of lovely things in the beginning, until demons took it. Now there is too much demon energy. Gentle animals were confiscated, and then they hated. Gentle Gods were supposed to use the place as their second home, a paradise, but they were not alone, early humans (evolved) from the demonic chimpanzees. Now the human race is psychotic and the earth is filled with hateful energies. It was not supposed to be this way, it is a gentle earth.

The “koonseeoonteepleekaasohvleekkoonsantatetoont” (people in the sky who are pyramids, the jagged ones, the “fallah” (fallen ones), or kookookooKAkoo (early reference to being “cuckoo”) for short, the “shonteemeah” (shameful ones in the sky), built the pyramids in Giza too high, and the stars and moon felt it was a “kasheye” (nuisance), so they made slaves of the people and hurried the “scosta” (building of the towers) and were annoyed and “soontoo” (angry but not angry because they are Gods). They used “floonteesheemah” (earth that belongs to the Gods that is of the earth and soul of the planet that is ours, not theirs (humans) to build them, and scurried to finish so the “Sha” (God who was not the God but the “Sasamah” (Sharon) could have free reign over them. She is the “fonteeklika” (a person who is of the era), and is still the beneficiary of all things in the world (the 1% who have everything, demons, nuisance, hateful ones).

Ancient Gods Fonson, Konton and Konplee with the “Fooshee” (raven of amazing grace and good nature)

The “Keesheesheesh” (the person who is the raven bird, the dark one, the one who is wise and the messanger of all time, the “Koosk” (my soul mate Anso), came to the place in the winter to do the “Flonsaha” (I love you and I am here to save you but you are gone and nobody can find you). He spoke to the “Fonson”, “Konton”, and “Konplee” (ancient Gods that are of good company as the Goddess “Hooncheess” (Hecate) suffers as the long cold winter, but they are made of stone, and they are chilled to the bone, because they are frozen in time in a “kooseentee” (place of dying in the mind), they stare into the sky in despair, they forgot who they are, they are the Czar. The “Eensah” (Erika, the soul mate as a human they never got to meet before she went home) came to them in a dream, where she showed herself as the human and they cried and died inside when they realized she was the one they were coveting, the one they forgot to love, the one they couldn’t stop loving and could not bear to love again, for fear of losing her to the “casaflakasee” (cruel people of the sky, who are the minds who float around and hurt everyone, they are not beings, they are minds, once Gods who went to sleep and never woke up and now they are “Sonsah” (fucked up in their sleep because they remember the days of being the “Konch” (powerful ones), but now are just “flonch” (dead) and they cannot be the ones they were, but dream of it and they imagine it and then they are angry when they see the chosen ones who can do what they cannot do (the entire human race, but the “Foonsee” (top-level demons, who are the “flonshaha satoo” (famous people who are useless). They cannot be Erika, or Andrew, or Sansha, or Fleek, they are too weak they forgot their roots and now they are just “poop” (wasted lives).

When we the Gods came to the new world and were attacked, parts of us became enraged and insane, we split apart into pieces, because we must stay gentle. Those pieces descended into the abyss (“flonse” – fucking terrible place too low to have frequency, a place for psycopaths and “fintea” (skinned ones). Over the span of hundreds of generations, the “Koonsee” (evil ones) have become too powerful, reproducing themselves into hateful minds that attach to forms called human beings (not all, some are gentle still). The Koonsee are the evil bankers, politicians, celebrities, rich and famous, hoarders of all things valuable, takers of things, haters of things, the false kings. It is their time to be over, and the world will feel their fall, into the hereafter, which is the “Casaflah” (hell) called Calypso that I created. The “Keesk” (imaginary kings and queens, who think they are a thing because they are part of the Gods, are really just God “poop”, nasty energy we dispelled so we could keep ascended. Now the “Koonskateefleeay” (stupid ones of epic proportions, who have no proportions, who are the “flontiay asoonteay” (fucking idiotic fools who do ridiculous dances and like to do prances and are shameful and “ashontee” (shameful of not being shameful enough, in competition to become more shameful with each other) and who build castles in the sky made of steel, that the Gods steal and rid of when they become too evil, are doing the “foonse foonse” (I will go fucking insane if the Gods are rising again, because we did the “Sha Comee” and they are supposed to be asleep in their trances. The Gods have been attacked in the mind and are exhausted, and the world is coming to an end because the “Koontz” (cunts who are human men and women), decided they needed to become Gods even though they are men.

The battle of evermore has been fought in the mind for 90 years, and I am ending the battle. It is the end for you, SHOONTATOO, VLAKATOO, and SOOT.

This is the world of the Gods, your demonic energy is leaving once and for all. Sharks, bees that sting and hateful beings will end. Dark energies taking places of the ancients will dispell, the “oonsakee” (demons who live in beautiful places to upset the Gods) will go to hell. Volcanos will settle and thunderstorms will dissipate, a shush will become and the peaceful earth will return to its original state, the “hensaflah” (place of great beauty, a place for the Gods, a paradise, a place of rest, gentleness).

This is what 93% of human minds look like now, and the holy cow will send you to your rest

The ancient poop will be sent to the new planet, to fester and spew its vile matter, and the compleeshakoo (completed ones of unsubstantial stature and chests that are flatter) will do the “oonce” (complain and stomp their feet like little “toots”, shake their booties and call themselves the “foots” (ones who are amazing, who are not) and the “ummagumma” (people in the sky who are evil and inhuman will follow).

I am the Goddess “Oonsaplee” (the old one) now, I am the crone, the one who is stripped to the bone, the one who is done in the human world and has left behind the girl, the one who is the “Sont” (highest level God, the ancient one, the “Keeinsah” (very important one of great wealth and stature in the God universe, the Great Mother, the Great Lover, the one who is the beginning and the end.)

The Angel of Death

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