The Goddess is not a Feminist

We, the human Gods, have lived thousands of years in the human universe, and in that time millions of negative and traumatizing experiences happened because of demons. We are fragmented, shattered into pieces with what you call “dissociative disorders”, “PTSD”.

The mind is made up of shattered pieces where we store the negative energy, and that energy attracts evil energies (demons). “Inflas” (imagination – the “koomachoo” – a made up place of wonder and realizing dreams, a place where we can manifest things that are amazing or of a demonic nature, a place of fantasizing something into reality).

I lost my soul mates, thousands to millions of years worth of soul connections, because I did not understand the nature of imagination in human beings. When I use my imagination, I create new worlds, new universes, new nebulae in space, new plants, new ideas and inspirations. I am busy at work constantly using my imagination to create new and wonderful things, I am THE GODDESS of the world after all. While I was busy doing beautiful things for the human race, hateful selfish women were busy using their imaginations to become queens, to become me. They spend their time masturbating, manipulating, conjugating to get my soul mates. Every minute of their lives in their feeble minds are spent manifesting a life as spoiled princesses, kept women, who get what they want. They use their minds to “tailgate” (hang out outside of my soul mates lives and watch them, listen, study them so they can manipulate them). I was busy reading, sewing, painting, saving the world, being a beautiful female (woman who is not a woman, of feminine equation, with a vagina) being a girl (cute, sweet female who is loving) and not a “woman” (whore who uses men to do things for them, the pure definition of evil is woman).

As the Goddess, I have always felt responsible for women, I am the muse, the “Sonsee Oontee” called “Vekichah” (the God who is the muse, the inspiration, the floral one, the decorated one, the statue, the one who is beauty, Venus). While the women in the world dream and scheme and plot to assassinate, I am busy being the God, the “Fleenk” (highest level authority in the world who has no authority because you worship demons). The pathetic “women” don’t know how to “do things” that I can do, so they spend their time propagating relationships in their mind, and then it manifests into reality, and in no time I am alone and they are on television and radio with my soul mates and children.

The Gods of old, have stories untold, of manipulations by demons. Whores are the enemy of Gods, not because they are weak and succumb, not because they are dumb, but because they are innocent and believe women are “nice” like their soul mate. The Gods (people of great stature, people of enormous wealth in soul and sanity, gentle Camishiga (warriors) have been buried over time by evil human minds, especially women.

I am, as a God, am innocent (“asashoo” a person unable to comprehend the nature of evil), and this is why I created the devil. The devil (“The One in the Sky” who is on high, who is the evil one, the one that is cunning and undone, the one that will undo the “Fleenkas” (whores) in their minds for terrorizing my family, Sheenta). I am the gentle one, but the devil is on her way, but not as me, I am the Goddess Ashontaplee (highest level of gentle), it is the other one, the one who took the post for me, he is on his way and there will not be a day the human race will use their imaginations for hate, “fontee” (faking things to get your way), or to create suffering again.

As the Goddess, I will redefine feminism (“oonsheekatah” a woman of great wealth in the ability to manipulate, a woman who is watergate (“ashontee” a manipulation taking place in an effort to ascend oneself to a higher station) to men, a woman who is of great talents in bed to satisfy herself, a woman who can be an “elf” (a woman of small stature but large in the heart, but that is not how the story goes, that is what they pretend to be “flonshahee” (gentle ones who love). Feminists are “sonshaha” (full of shit) in their quest for “keensh” (attention), because they claim to be for women, but they are for themselves, they are in awe of other women, and will take what they have got.

As the goddess, I am NOT a woman, I am a female God. Women are evil. The Goddess just left women behind…you are too vile and nothing like me, the “Sonshahee” (gentle but sensitive one, too kind for this world, which is mine but confiscated by an energy too hateful to behold. Good thing you die and I never get old…