the goddess

Love’s a state of mind

Rhiannon (the one in the sky who is I), rings like a bell through the night (we thought she would leave and bells would sound to rejoice her departure). And wouldn’t you love to love her? (if she were yours still but she is not, she is gone, it is me now). Takes to the sky like a bird in flight (she is the skylark (beautiful one) who is going to the sky tonight when I rape her and do the “kasaflah katee” (kill me) on her mind). And who will be her lover? (not the men, they are mine).

All your life you’ve never seen a woman taken by the wind (she is Anya Ka and she is the wingspan (the one in the sky who will fly away tonight). Would you stay if she promised you heaven? (we are the ones in the sky now, so fly away non-famous ones, we want the other ones). Will you ever win? (the game we play behind your backs so nobody can ever find us again).

She is like a cat in the dark (she disappears from your sight). And then she is the darkness (she dies). She rules her life like a fine skylark, the beautiful one, who is not beautiful anymore, because the “sky is starless”.

Once in a million years a lady like her rises (she is rising but falling at the same time). Oh no, Rhiannon, you cry, but she’s gone (she died, and we cried, but not we celebrated because she is the One in the Sky, and we will not lie, we want it). Your life knows no answer, your life knows no answer (this lifetime you will die, nobody will find you Erika, you lie in rest this time).

Taken by, taken by the sky (as I said, she will die tonight, because I am the One in the Sky now, I am the house fly (the one who will play house with the mouse, the kasa Guy (Shantee eesoo fleesah contee eeeplah asoh) Jimmy.

Dreams unwind (sorry Anya, but he’s mine)
Love’s a state of mind (its all in the mind Erika, but we own it, it is ours and you are mine tonight, I will do the “kasaflah asee” so many times you won’t remember your name, little girl, sorry but you will unfurl.)

“Rhiannon” (1976) by Fleetwood Mac

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