Six Angels

Six “Angiay” (angels) came to me today. There names are Plenkontapleepmpleesatooeay, Flonsheetoooplee, Shondeeshondeefleekashoaneesopleefleahaseenteay, Shooshooseenteahfeenteacooteeseentee, Andiessahondiay, Keemsheekatooaneekasopleahvleeosook, “Omplee”, “Flonshee”, “Obloblontee”, “The Shoosh”, “Ceecee” and “Kee” for short.

They are on the “pleekontoo” (vision quest) committee to help me see the error of my ways in developing a mind. Today the Gods, who are now human Gods, will go home for the first time in 8000 years, I wish I was with my “Askoo” (Soul twin) but he is on his own journey. I have my beautiful soul angels with me. I don’t know when I will be back human race, but you haven’t been kind to me…