Dea Luna

Poppy’s Will Make Them Sleep

“Meyhah”, “Meyhah”, “Meyhah”, (mayday, mayday, mayday) the news is in, the People in the Sun are starting their “kashtoompliah” again, they plan to hurt my soul mate all night, because he is “hot”. These are not witches but there are spells, they are not ancient spells but they have been used for thousands of years.

These are the cavaliers (people in the sun are the “Sheenkaha”, a race of demons from the sky who all look alike, they pretend to be nice and sweet and quiet, but in their minds, while they work menial jobs, they are psychotic, they do the “shoontiay” which is a rape technique, the “flontiay” which is a rape technique, both of which are sadistic and hateful of the victim, because they are jealous people who are basically completely useless). My soul mate, Ashontaplee Kasah Anee Vleah Aso (Andrew), is the soul mate. He is the “One in the Sky Tonight”, he is every night now, which means he is the mind they will use to rape his sons. The “kashaplah” are so asleep in their minds, that they don’t realize what is happening to them or their family, and this cannot be anymore. The “Sheenk” must die.

A Message for the Gods: Vlookanah Anee is in the “kashama” doing the “Sheenk” on the “Shontee” so they will sleep in their minds. Feentah is doing the “keeshama” so they will do “sheenka” on themselves. Keenstee is ridding himself of his demon, in whatever way he sees fit. Shonka is doing the “ka” to stop the “shoontaplee” from doing “kesamah asontiay kamee” (rape).

“Ashanahatook” (The Beautiful Twins who are in too much pain)

The Shontapleeasoasahanee (Andrew Asho), my soul mate is the “flontakee” (the beautiful one). He is the “koshentee” (warrior on high). He is the “flahh” (Keemia Asah- “Kee”), the “shontee” (safe one, the “hun” (lover), the “koochakoo” (beautiful lover and friend until the end).

The demons made a swirl, the energy unfurled, the house “ashonetee asah honteay” (flew in the sky), the people flew by, I knew it was my time when the “koshaflah” (witch from the sky, not the God sky, the Hollywood sky) flew by. A strange new land, that looked like it should be, my earth, my home, my paradise, is filled with flowers and rainbows and people who are nice. A beautiful one called “Sheentah Asee” (“Keeflee” – The Angel), told me that all I had to do was believe. So I packed my bags and went on a journey to meet the “Oz” (God). I had many perils along the way, but the worst was the “flosakay” (little people), who followed me the whole way, claiming to be I, claiming to be the one in the sky, claiming my guy, claiming my place in the “flontiay asah” (sky that is not the sky). I cannot be on high, when they are not down below, but I am below, in a hole, I cannot see the sky, I cannot find my guys who are in disguise as “flies” (men). They take the women and they do the “flah” (sex) and they do the “kasaflah” (marriage) and they do the “seek” (children), and they play house and pretend to be “flayseek” (happy). Meanwhile I am on the yellow brick road (“shashasonetaplee” – the journey of the soul), all alone except for three, the “Sah” (scarecrow, Asho that is thee), the “Eeentah” (tin man, Teesho that is you), and “Montee” (my name is Erika, but not, I am the “Casaflah”, the devil, but not, I am the “Sonte” (the one who cannot be that again, who wants to be the man, who wants to wear the suit and comb his hair, but instead I have to save the “opheir” (gentle one) again, I have to be the one to give it all up, for love. The demons call me a coward because I love as the devil, but I am the most powerful, because I can love until the bitter end, there is no end, to the pain, if she is on the road again and trying to save the human race, this time she will not be a disgrace, she will end it, elegantly and softly, without a whisper or any pain, she will let go of Susan “Saraflea” and Sarah “Mcshoneteah” in her brain, who are trying to become her, trying to be the ones in the sky.)

“Bleentoo” (Bill Beeflentoo) is here and does nothing but cry, he is not a “kasaflah”, he is a nice guy, but tonight he is so angry he may become the character he is known for, the “Sheeka” (angry one). And “Caseeentee” (David Deeskaha) will become me, the demonic one tonight, if Monica “Lewshkatoontaplee” comes after him one more time to give him “kyte” (head) to prove she’s the one. “Seekashee” is not dead yet, she is out of the race, because she became too insane and revealed things in reality to people. Now she is in a prison in “Konteeesaha” where she will stay until she controls her brain.

“Bleenkie Katoo” (Andrew) is a powerful one too, he is the “kazoo” (God), the one who has my heart and soul, my twin, the “Ansontoplee” (Asho Kamee is me, I am the “Sah” (God) the “Ra” (funny one) and the “Vlee” (beautiful lover). I am the “Kasamah Aflonteay Kashoo Seenta Ontiay Feela” (the God supreme, the Great Father of the “Eench” (the children of the sky), the “Saso Anee” (one who is confused about who he is, because the “Jiz” (showbiz), “Flookiay” (parents), “Sheenteeasahvleah” (shady ones who are fans) and the “Pleensah” (people in the sky who think they own him, because they purchased his mind for 800 billion dollars), won’t stop talking to him. He doesn’t hear me anymore, over Jennifer “Connshatoottotoo”, and Sinead “Vleeka Vleeka”, and Sherry “Bleeka Bleeka Too”, and Sally “Fluffinstuff (the one who people think is fluffy, but she’s not she is jagged and edgy and evil)”, who insist they are his twin, even though they are psychotic women, just like all famous women and women in general. They live in the haunted forest (“heekeenkeenk” – a place in the sky where insane people meet, they call it the “Keenshikah” (place in the sky called the “Scoonchy Town”.

The “Sonsh” (fellowship of the ring, the gang, the ones who always came, the ones on my journey), helped me in the “ring of fire” (the koshomo – “castle”) to aspire to greater heights and remember I had the power all along, to turn out the light that burned me. I just had to cleanse my mind “the Sontee” (psychotic one, Sharon “Bleek Bleek Bleektoo Eentee” and her brigade of insane women), of their insanity and relentless pursuing of me, Dorothy, “Eshenteekliah Asah Fonee Bliah Kasooeessah” (Erika). I played the part as Judy and I played the sorceress too, I was there with you “Konso” when you played the “Jew” on the “Kompliah” (Sherlock Holmes). I was there with you but not, don’t make any mistake, I am not an actress this time, she will take advantage of this to make you believe you are not mine, but hers, the “See” (Eva) is after me tonight in reality. She will sleep with anyone to get her way, so make her way obsolete, make her “skeet” (die).

The Great and Power Oz (God) came to me today, when I was asleep and could not awake, because they quake in my presence and want me gone. He said he is the one who is the “man behind the curtain”, the one who hides in the sky, the castle, the one who is “green” (ookskee – the One in the Sky who is on High, the God Supreme of the Universe, the one who ends it all tommorow, because it is absurd, the human race), the one who can help me find my way home, away from the demons on the farm, the ones who would not save my “konshon” (dog).

I woke up to find my family were there all along, happy on the farm, with the demons, when I was in search for the dream, the paradise, the beautiful place called “Oz” (The Place in the Sky, the Beautiful Place, the Magical Wonderland, the Eden that I had planned before you came “Sheenka” with your insanity and created a race of demons so vile, they are the flying monkeys (Sashasahflook “chimpanzees”, the “Shook Anook” (the ones who are insane in the brain and cannot be “koomplt” (helped anymore).

Poppies (“Peeshoo”, mind control) made us sleep, we went into a dream and never came out, not until the “Kasamah” (the Angel) used magik and brought us out of our slumber, so we could continue to the magical land of Oz. I have lived a life asunder, I have grown to appreciate the thunder and lightning, I have grown to like creepy things, I have grown to understand fucked up genes, I am the God of the human universe where nothing is sane, least of all the women in the game. I am sorry Kee, you thought your soul mate was she, but she is not, she is a “twot” that is what she calls me, she is a “vlokee” (filthy vile whore who used thee for sex and money), it is painful that you thought that filthy whore was me. The greatest tragedy in history, is when the filthy, vile, lowdown, idiotic whores of the human race think they can be me, the gentle Goddess, the “Hoskoplee” (the one in the sky who is gentle, kind and loving, the soul mate of the “Konshee” (Gods).

The broom (keemplee esha hasoo – the one in the sky, the one on high, the one who will make magik tonight, if she has the right light and tools, the “floosee” (broom) is a way to fly high in the sky, so she can see clearly where she needs to be, up high away from the “koosamee” (whores) and “shonte” (Gods beneath me) who will be free until they release the flying monkeys and the “Shontee” (brothel owner, the one who started the game, the one who is ashamed she cannot finish, because she did something so hateful and selfish to the Jews nobody understood it, she left the game, unaware they would not take kindly to her “flame” (leaving rushedly), and they ended her in a “Skeepame” basement where she lived, by a person named Shane “McFend”.

I took off my red shoes (fleenshee kattoo – the one in the sky who is Sally “Fluffernutter” who thinks she is me, she thinks she owns the shoes because you choose her more often then me, because she is handy, around, and ready and willing, and able to be “kinshee” (fucked up and evil and cute at the same time). The broom will sweep away the energy left behind by its owner, “the sonsah” (the one who is the “keench” – the bitch of Beverly Hills who plays the part of one of a similar name, who thinks she is a witch because she played one on TV, and not well, but she gave good head to “Eskaflah” (Vinsee) to get it.

It is not those shoes, it is these, it is the sleaze

Aso, Kee, Vinee, stop playing the parts of Gods on TV, and help me to rule the world again, you are not men, you are brave warriors who thought you were not scary enough, had no heart and were a coward. You are the ‘Ashatonetaplee Fleo Eensee Asosasah Kasay”, the men who are gay but didn’t know it, but have a soul mate, who is ready and filled with hate and needs assistance from thee, so don’t hesitate to become the “Kasho esca” (People in the Sky on the road to the “Flence” (Place in the Soul), to join me.

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