the goddess

The Goddess is Dead

“Asonetapleasah Anee Kaplee Valoo Eena Kasoo”, that is my name in full. I am The Goddess (the one and only, there is only one, every Goddess is me) Anya Kah (fleontiay – the one in the sky who is on high, the one who is the human God, the one who is “ashoont” (angry at the humans). In the beginning you were a species we called the “sheeontee” (chimpanzee), a loving, adorable and beautiful creature who would help keep the environment balanced and be loving and gentle, but now you have become vile and “continental” (a person of great importance in your minds only, in reality you are nothing).

A “real” Goddess is one who is gentle, one who is kind, one who is loving, not one with a tight behind and mascara and a wig and a place on the talk show or in the dance halls. I am the REAL Goddess, Anya Kah, and I am your “Sha” (God).

The Goddess died on June 4, 2020. The world felt it, the skied darkened, the sea was still, the earth shook a little, the mountains quaked, the energy waked, the crowds formed, the meeting adjourned, the evil ones decided it was time they become the Gods. They celebrated in the back of her mind, where they had a party and ate cake, and swallowed it for the first time. They are the famed, acclaimed, and unashamed.

They attach themselves to my mind and repeat everything I say, and do everything I do, and covet me the way fans do, but they are obsessed fanatical “hoshkongoe” (whores on a 10,000 year mission from the ancient devil, who is their master, they are the ones who masturbate in the human mind, show their behind, their tits are on high, and so are the prices of insuring their behinds; who are out of their minds with grief because they cannot win being me.

So today, I rise up again, since they did 16,482 mind techniques on me in less than 24 hours overnight while I “slept”, the “floonseenseah” is not kind, it is hateful, and although it was not “abated” (intentional), I am heartbroken. So I have to resurrect…

There are only three images of an actual dead person, who is “alive”, that have ever been taken, this is one of them. I am not alive here, the human race seems hell bent on committing “Peenshah” (a person in the sky who has died, really died, completely, in the mind, they are not capable of believing they are alive, after the amount of abuse they have gone through, in body, mind and spirit. Amen (I am person who is saying the end)” .