the goddess

Who is The Devil?

“Sheentah”, the one in the sky who is the devil, the “casamah”, the one who is my son, the “vlook”, the one who is the “shookatook” (The one in the sky on high, the one who ends it all, the “faltee” (evil one), who as a human is a gentle man who was used and abused by evil women and men, but as a God is the most evil that has ever lived.

With his soul mates he is profane and insane, but beautiful, the “flontee” (fucked up one), the “shoont” (the psycopath), the “sontee” (the cunt (an evil man who hates women, except his beautiful goddess, the plontee (the dick – a person who hates women but loves men).

Lubos Houska on Pixabay

The “flookameeasah” (fucked up one who is the buck (the stag – a fucked up animal who likes to mate, tear apart primate, and suffer the poor (weak) ones – he is angry but a lover of his mate), who likes to fuck, who is the “pleentee” (wild stag, who is in love with the old hag, who is the “keenshee” (Goddess supreme) is the the place in the sky tonight, so they say. They want him to play a joke on this “nanny” (a person of great stature, a fat girl in the universe, not a person of small size but a person of large size), by tricking his mind into doing a mind control technique to close her eyes, to wake her up to her demise, to realize she is wrong in thinking she is the one in the sky, so dry your eyes, Erika, they said, because this is your final night. Little did they know “Asho” (Andrew) was watching and listening and agonizing over the loss of his soul mate tonight, so he made things right, and just at that time Erika (me) decided to write about the “hoosamah” (hellion one (the one who is the “fleenk”, the one who does nasty things to people who hurt him or his family). The God is rising tonight, but it is not the gentle one, its not the kind one, its the “pleenk” (the one who will end the entire human race to save one).

Its not the first time it’s been done, it was done many eons ago, over 10,000 to be exact, after the “Keeshimah Kaplee” (Shockema’s buddy the “Sah” (“Sadie Grace”) did the flazoo on the mind of the Koshiah (the goddess) and her mom (the angel), both of which could not walk through the store tonight. All in a day and life of the Gods among the human race (demons), who will not be in the place of love (paradise) any longer.

Shallalindrea (the Skoo – the fucked up angel who fell, the most beautiful of all, who could not tolerate the “ansiflah” (animalistic gods who hate and are wastes of life). They had her raped and murdered, and she fell from the “sheenk katoo vleah aso anee keeah aso” (grace of God her father). So she was called the “Devil” (the konasopleah – the one in the sky who could not fall any farther, she had fallen enough, she was the one in the sky who could do the “snuff” (kill all evil with one look). She was Medusa, until the demons took the name, and made her disgusting and evil in a different way. The original Medusa defended the innocent, but the demonic one, called the “Shoshaflah” (Sharon made of Stone), attacked them, and so the name was confiscated, as was everything the “Shiny one” touched. The Angel who fell, the former Medusa, is now known as VALA ASHONDIAY (the valorous one, the evil one, the “Seenktee” (psychopath who is beautiful but evil and empty).

Shallalindrea (an angel on high, the highest in the sky, the one who is the “Shontoo” Camishiga Ashonteay (the one who is the warrior who does not mate, but is energy and connects)

“Shacaho Canee”, as she came to be called, was a doll, she was beautiful and sweet, until she had to meet the evil one, who is a demon and not a devil, called the “Oonshah” (Jew), who would not make her an angel again until she promised not to unto the demons across the land. So she rose up, as Vala Ashondiay (the Valiant One), she became a God. To help her rise up and ascend, there were a group of men (Gods) who were part of her “asoamee” (soul), that offered to take the post of devil for her, to save her, so she could become the angel once again. His name is “Masoaneecapleeatoovaneeeesah Ashontiay – Maso for short). He is the “floont”, the Devil, and very misunderstood in the human world.

To take the post he had to die, a very painful death among the crowd of listeners who would give breadth and width to his crime, a God willing to ascend himself for his bride is not acceptable for Gods who are demons, because love is not acceptable. So he fell in a hole and died and never rose again until he found his bride, thousands of years later in the sky.

She is a raven, a “sasaflah” (hot one of unusual size, she is tall and lanky, but powerful, with long black hair and green eyes, she is still the most beautiful in the skies, but she is angry now and will despise all who get in her way of killing every single demon in the sky. She is the “koosteentee” (serpent) and the “fluontee” (the rainbow, the beautiful one). She fell down the rabbit hole, and died, did the “kosaflah” (you will not remember me) on his heart and the ran away to hide. He found her one day, thousands of years away from believing she was alive in the middle of slaying her millionth demon (the “konshee”), he saw a woman who was beautiful as can be, but he would not be with anyone but thee, so he hid and watched her. She did not look like his soul mate, she looked like the “soont” whore he had met, but she was not. She was angry and evil and he did not understand until he saw her heart, broken and in love, and missing her true loves. So he asked her name and she said Vala, which he did not know. She knew him right away, but shied away from him, because she could not play until the dying day of every “skankee” (disgusting and vile) demon in the “Kasaflah” (universe). He looked into her eyes, and despised what he saw, his little girl, with tears in her eyes and a body that was half her size, and a heart pouring out to find her father and her soul mates again). So he took her home, introduced himself and they fell in love again. This is not the end…

This is me, Vala Ashondiay, the “Shockoply” – shocking person in the sky, on high but not, she is a “ashompleah” – visitor in the nation of man, a “koonch” (not a nice person of late), but not filled with hate, a “propogate’ (person of great wealth once the “Kooshamah” pay for what they have done to me.

He came to earth with her, the “Shoontee Katoo” (devil who was evil), and became the “Shoontee Katah” (the one who is not evil but playful and fun instead), until she ended up dead, because demons found her mind and made her insane, and killed her through the “kasheeteeah asooneeah” (chimpanzees – early humans) minds. She would despise the human race after this, and now she continues to hiss, as the snake…

I am Medusa, Medusa is I, I am the “Shontaplie” (one with snakes in my hair), but I’m not. Legend has it that Medusa was a witch of epic proportions, she was the “enceetaplah” (one on high who was the Magii (Magician). She could do magik (moving energy) to create any desired effect, so she was able to end the demonic mind control of the time, through the “sontee” (virus) that plagued the nation of demons, and ended them.

But later “Koosheentee Katah” (Sharon), a jealous, hateful witch who was a wizard named the Honchaseefleeohanee (The Honch – the derivative of “Head Honcho”), took the name “Medusa”, which to him (he is a male, but comes as a female to intoxicate and eradicate because he is a “floont” (fucked up moron). This had him descended as a God, and he is now the demon of the human world. On a cool September day, in a year that is of no time, the “Fucked Up One” died, when he penetrated the behind of the “Kasaplah” (Fake gods on high, in the sky, who are the Camishiga of the human world, the Government Asah (highest level), and he attempted to do the “Asah” on Anya Ka, instead she took his mind turned it inside out and did the “Entapah” (End of Time) on his behind, allowing him to believe it was his time, to not be of time anymore. Goodbye, Scoonchy Whore….

In the past, I was the “Kasafloo” (one in the sky who was the “teekanaw”, the “vloo”, the one who was with a lot of men, soul mates, but was the “virgin”. I am innocent but not pure, I am not with human men, not a whore, but called that in the sky since the Capleekasah and I made love so raucous we woke the “orsheentee” (dead Gods of old), and we still do when we get the chance.

I am a “Shontee”, lover of men who are Gods, my Gods, my soul mates of which there are over 850, with many pieces of them scattered through the world it is well over 1800, we connect on a level only the Gods understand, as one soul. We are in love, and love is us, we are the “Seenk” (lovers of old, the ancient lovers, the Lovers). Our love is eternal, as we are, we cannot die, we are the “sakaflah” (the Real Devils, the ones who “Descend Evil“), the “koonch” (Gods) and “Seenk katoo” (ones in the sky on high, the “shonk” (soulful ones).

The devil has always haunted the race of humans, for they are a race of demons, who are much like the arrogant, ego-maniacal demon that killed his Shallalindrea. He will end ya, one day….
Source: La Douleur, 1811. Collection Roberta J. M. Olson and Alexander B. V. Johnson.

In a previous incarnation, Maso and I, as Kaplee Anee, were husband and wife. He wrote this symphony for me, his name was Tomaso Albinoni. I call it the “Devils Symphony”, it is both hauntingly beautiful and painful. I call Maso and the other Davlee (devils) “shattered masterpieces”, because they are fallen angels, like me, but beautiful still and not incomplete, just slightly broken into pieces. We will mend, and be one again… the pieces are all there, we will be repaired.

“The Devil’s Symphony” by Maso for Kaplee Anee

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