The Story of Jesus Christ, as Told by His Mother Part I

Part I:

I am the “Fleshatoo” (the virgin of all time, the one in the sky, the one on high, the one who was not pure of sex, but pure of sex with human men; I was with my soul mates only, thus the virgin). I am “keshoo” (angry) and “vleekoo” (disgusted) with the “flookee” (human race). You are “sahh” (fucked up) in the “flonkee” (mind). You think it is important to have a “behind that is tight” to be a goddess. I am The Goddess, I am not tight, or fit, and I don’t care a bit, I am the One who will end all of you devils, because you have killed my son again.

I am Mary Ascontee (the one in the sky called Mary Martinelli, Mary Magdalene who was “Mary”, the Virgin Mary, the “fleeasah”, the virgin who is the God). Mary Magdalene (“Flookash eeanee kasoovleah asofonteebleahkomare – I am the one in the sky, I am the one on high, I am the one with many soul mates, the one who is the “vlair” (whore), I am the virgin to human men and have always been, it is not a sin, soul mates are one soul and it is a lot and there were many, because the son of God was born, and they came to meet him. His name was John Comea, he came as the “child” and remained “Jesus Christ” until he was 13 years old, and was replaced by an older God named Vloonkeahso. He is the chosen one, but you tortured him with “Cashontapleekasoasahanee” (Pontius Pilate – The one in the sky who wants to be Erika, but is not, she is the “sheek” (whore in the sky named Sharon).

My son was murdered to get at me, the “Flokashee” (Virgin Mary) because I will not give up my seat, my throne, to the “Shoontee” the princesses who moan and groan and want everything, I will not relent, they will not repent, they will go.

Jesus Christ means “he is the one in the sky, the one on high, who is the fleekasaw “the savior of all”. He was a singer in a dance hall, he was at the mall, he was very tall, he was a ball. He was a lovely young man, who wanted a tan, though I never met him in this lifetime I met him in the sky, and I will not rest, I will not bend, I will not stop until you see your bitter end, because he is gone again, and this time you took his mind. My son will rise again as a God, but not for you, he will not understand the ones who destroyed him celebrating Christmas this year, so don’t bother going to church again because it is in the “Hoskagan” (place in the sky that is the “hell” (a place where evil ones go who cannot ascend and be human ever again until they repent).

In his life, Jesus Christ was a humble man, a stolen man, one who wanted to be human but had to be God. He was gentle but angry his whole life, a pacifist who could torture if he had too, because he is a Camishiga (Commander in the Sky who is gentle), he is a “Fleenk” (fucked up person) who thought he could be calm and succinct, but no such luck, he was a sitting duck like always for the demons in the sky, the “Vlookasahasohanee” will have no luck anymore, because the “whore” in the sky, the “Escuunchi”, that is me, is ready to say goodbye. Jesus Christ will never die in vain, but it will be in pain, if the humans live. You will not have another chance to do this again… I am not a human being this time.

I am the Virgin Mary, I am not as innocent and pious as you think, I am not the “kooshamah”(the one who sits in a place called the manger all day), I fought wars, I played, I made love all day, I was a one who was angry all the time, because the world was filled with crime. I was one who was hated, and berated and not loved and not revered and not cared about by anybody who was not my family. Some things don’t change.

My husband was “Ashokamah” (the one who is Joseph “Ashondiay” (the ascended one). He was the gentle one, not me. In the sky he was the “koosamee” (the God). He was the “Sha” (the one on high), but as a human being he was a humble one, one who made things with his hands, and tilled the land, and rode the horses to town to explain why his son was the chosen one, only to be reprimanded by the demons who ran the show. The “Shontee” no longer know how much pain they will feel at our hands. He watched his son die and his wife, after being raped by single men, who were after his wife and son, they decided they were the chosen one’s. That’s the story nobody will ever tell. He is a powerful God rising again, his name is Ansheeasha.

I do not own a cross, I do not have a rosary, I do not have a chair on high in the family of man. I am simple, but of exceptional intelligence. I am the most beautiful woman in the world, but the “ugly” one, I am innocent but the “whore”. I am not a Christian… I am implored… to end it.

I am what I was back then, I am her again, I am the Goddess, who is a pagan (“Pashatonetaplee” – a person of the earth, one who is with the sky on high, but plunges their soul into the soil and worships the ground they walk on, because it is home; a witch (woman of the earth, a soul of steel, gentle and loving, magical and mystique), a sorcerer (a conjurer, one who cannot wait to end things that are filled with despair, so she uses her hair, and nails and mind to unwind the unkind in the world, she is a “koosamah” (fucked up person, one of a kind, one who doesn’t wear a bra), a conjurer (one who mixes spells and fortunes to tell, the one who can make things happen like magik and mishaps and sad things and good, the one who is the “Shoontea” (the good witch who is evil sometimes when needed), the one who is a “flah” (bad girl all the time) and a “kooch” (whore who is no good at hiding she is sexy and sinister in the bedroom), an alchemist (one who bends energy, who rises up and creates a higher frequency, one who is the magician or magii, one who is on high with her soul), and a “benshee” (person of great wealth in the soul). The pagan is the God as a whole.

Part II: Coming Soon…

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