Peaceful Garden Room

A peaceful garden room, a place for deep contemplation as the “flook” (a person who is in deep meditation and madness, like I was as the Buddha), to calmly comprehend how to deal with the problem of the insanity of the “floonktee” (people).

I am the God rising up again, after many years of unrest and despair, being the “opheir” (gentle one) I need a gentle place to rest.

I am the “Floontee” (beautiful Goddess) of the world, but I live as a human and do human things like all of you. I found a beautiful goddess planter and a wreath I turned into a pentacle. The pentacle is “koonshee” – (I am the one in the sky who is the 5-pointed star, the one who is the Czar, I am an ancient Goddess symbol which represents the elements, Earth, Air, Nature, Star, Sky and Sun in the middle. I am undone in this world and yet another thing for the “pearls” (people of substantial wealth and little brains) to be afraid of. I am the “kooskaha” – symbol of love and unity.

Plants and Cauldron
Goddess planter with Bridal Veil Plant

Their names are “Peep-Peep” and “Jontoo”, they are friends and neighbors too, they love each other and will grow together, they are “Shont” (Gods) in their souls.

A magical scene, with “flockatomeeah” (owls who are cute) and “flasee” (plants), whimsical little stone “wooshee” (owls) and “fleekah” (tiny little stones of round).

Little flowers of salmon pink, and joyful little buds ready to pop, sit on my windowsill in a little green pot. I spoke to them and they asked for a nice sunny spot, they are like me, the Goddess, the Flaah (The delicate ones).

Taking Photos on my Tripod
Money Plant
Juncus Spiralis – this plant is me, she is the wild and carefree spirit of the Goddess, the “Honch Anoo” (One in the Sky who is the Askoo (funny one)

I don’t know what to do if I found this amazing little wild-spirited “scuunch” (goddess) plant. I am the Goddess and I made it with my God mind, and it has a story behind it. It is called “Juncus Spiralis” and that means “I am crazy fun, I am the Goddess, I am the one who is insane because of all the men and women who are demons in my world, but I am the beautiful one and like to have fun and make people happy.” This planters name is “Eenchii Eenchii”, which is one if my names and it means “wild, fun and free” in an ancient God language called “The Eefloo”.

His name is “Peeflah” (beautiful, cute little elephant)
Lovely macrame plant hangers of which there are never too many.
I made a little “booby” Goddess after myself, the “Bliasah” (Buddha), affectionately called Chubby, Chubby
Salt Lamp and Money Plant
Fairy and Crystal ball
Jade Plant
Fountain and Ferns
HouseplantsIndoor PotsGoddess Statues

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