A Secret Garden

A magical scene, that is in between worlds, it is ancient and old and demons are trying to take a hold, but they cannot have it because it is the land of the Gods and we are taking it back. It is a place of “skoo” (green) and it is cool and shaded, the color of trees are jaded. The magikal cove has stories untold, it is a place of love and dread, a place of the dead, a place where humans went to play games and practice shame, pretending to be witches, when they are really lame. It is a “fontaclee” (a place of great fun where people go to do things like sing, dance or make love).

The trees name is “Ashontanee” (an old one with the name “Kooch” the others name is “Foonteah”, they joke around and make fun of the crowd and like it when it is calm and quiet and they can make love and joy abound). They are not like the trees who are demons, who just stand around all day doing nothing but complain, they are the “koonsee” (Gods who like to play and dance and make beautiful things manifest all day).

There are littles who play all day, frolicking around the moss and leaves, they are the “shoontaplee vlook” (playful ones of little stature). The breeze in the air is whispering a song of old called “deema deema” (♫♪♪ “The pretty little thing, with eyes that sing, she is a “pie” (lover) and a “vleekaneetooto” (beautiful one of gentle nature), we love her, our beautiful “soulamah” (our soul mate that we love until the end of time because we love her she is our love)♫♪♪“.)