Goddess of Spring: Aine

I am a beautiful flower called the “Plakasah” (Azalea), I am of frills and tendrils, a gentle soul, a lovely one. I am the flower of the sun, the one my soul mates give to me on mother’s day, for I am the one who made the beautiful earth, and they, think this is one of the loveliest.

They are gentle souls like myself, but also of a strange and beautiful nature, with tendrils that capture the “konsee” (pollen) to make more. I am the Goddess of Spring (an “Ashontee” – I am the one who is there when springtime comes), my name is Aine (pronounced “Anyee”), which means “I am the one who is beautiful in spring, I spring forth with life and beauty for the world, I am a girl”. Azaleas are like the Gods, they are fleeting but everlasting, lovely but can die, but resurrect endlessly even through the dark night. They are the “atink atink”: beautiful flowers that are delicate and lovely. I am Persephone, the “pleeshatone” (lonely one who is lovely anyway) and have much love to give to my dark lord. I come back every spring to resurrect everything, but leave it behind for love.