Crystal Quartz “The Virgin”

Crystal quartz (“Cashooteeeeah” – the one in the sky who is the crystal clear one, the one who is clear and pure and the virgin, the one who is not clouded in her judgment, the one who is solid and beautiful) has much symbolism to me as The Goddess.

I created the earth with my father, Jacobia Escaflu, the God of the entire Universe, and my soul mates who are the “casaflah” (human Gods). It is a magical planet, filled with magic and energies that few notice or care about, but that affect every living being. Crystal quartz is the “fontee”, the beautiful crystal of epic proportions who is docile, the “keemee” (glowing one), the “fonshee” (rainbow effect) and the “shamplah” (smooth one) at times. It represents me as The Virgin (“fleesah” – free from sexuality that is dank and poor). The Gods view sex as sensual and sometimes erotic, but pure because it is with soul mates. Quartz was created for me by my “flonshee” (soul mates) as “feenka feenka” (to be as beautiful as me, pure as the driven snow, but also sexy). It is the stone of both The Virgin (Keemia) and Aphrodite (Ashontaplee).

When used in magik, it is “vonsay” – vivid, it helps with clarity, is calming and pure, promotes beautiful thoughts and cleanses a dark soul.

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