Scribal Art

Illuminated manuscripts (called “Ooshakee” in the universe, are pretty paintings of a decorative nature that tell the story of the Gods) were created during the Medieval (Medieval means “uncivilized” and I am the one who fought during this time to make everyone literate) era as a way to communicate the scripture (she is the one in the sky, who is me, and it was written about the Gods and by the Gods.) to the illiterate parishioners of the Christian (“Shantootapleekasah” is me, I am the Christ, I am the mother, I am the One in the Sky on High) faith.

In the modern day the scripture is not complete and it has been altered. I am the one in the sky, I am the one up high, I am the one who painted the “Comasah” (the Book of Kells), the “Fleekasha” (The Book of Hours) and wrote the “Sha” (The Book of Time, or the Bible) with my soul family who are the Gods of this world.

In modern times I paint with acrylic paints I purchase at the store, rather than handmade paints made from pigment, and I paint on cold press paper rather than vellum. I spend a few days on the paintings and they are done for fun and as a hobby and with a whimsical twist, the calligraphy is coming next…

Perhaps, in the future, I will rewrite the scripture in a way that is accurate and complete, now that I am a conscious God (“Kashtatontaplee” – a person who is of great wealth and wisdom, who is the “Camishiga”, the Commander in the skies, the one on high, the one who will be complete again, once the human mind is gone) once again.

The Dragon painting is a work in progress.

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