I am Hecate

Hecate (Kashkashkoontatee), at this moment, is not the gentle dark Goddess, who has the distinguished honor of creating light; I am in the night, in a fight for my life. I am the “Kooshamah” (the angry one who is the Vala), the “Flook (the one who is a disgusting person, who will do what she has to do to get by) the “Fonkt” (I am a person who is unsure of who I am because people hate my vagina call me names that are untrue, like “kind”), the “Lah” (the non-feminist, the one who hates women, the “shookatah” (the one who despises men), the “vigida” (I am the rigid, vagina-hater), the Soontapleeasah (the fucked up one, the shaky one, the nutjob). I am the Kontekaplah (the person who hates mankind) and I am ready to fuck you up, as you humans say.

I live in the darkness, which I love and I am hauntingly beautiful; the darkness is beautiful but painful, and the pain is too real when I am alone in the dark and my family are in the light on high and forget who they are and forget I.

I am the Goddess of the underworld (“keem keem” – an ugly place that is called the “abyss” in the universe, but my place in the underworld is safe because I am capable of such evil, such cunning, such reprehension, that I cannot be beat.) I have a secret lair where I meet my husband the “Dasaphlah”, the Devil Kaplee (Highest Level of a God, who is too angry to ascend), the one who is incomplete without his mate, the fallen one, the angel that is gone, the shattered masterpiece, who is more lovely than you think but capable of the greatest evil. There we make love in an “ekashontaplee” (beautiful but ugly way, it is raunchy but ok, it is vile in a way, a beautiful way, because there is love). I am the one who is the dove, I am the one who is angelic, because he took the post as the devil so he could be pathetic and let me reign as the Goddess once again.

I am the darkly beautiful one, the “shoontee”, the virgin (the person who has never had sex with anyone who is a human) who has a lot of Gods who make love in the “sky”, who is the “Escuunchi” (the one in the sky who is the whore, but not, because she is in love with her soul mates).

I am the vamp (Flootekasasahasonediah – a dark one of unusual beauty, a visual eye catch, a person with a soul, a person who is whole. I am the dark goddess (“The Koshamah”, the dark one, the witch and the sorceress.) I am the one who can move energy to create magik, I am the one who can manipulate the moon and the sun to get my way, I am the “flockasay” (the fucked up one), who has the son that is the one and only God, but he is gone. So I conjure and I weave a new reality, to bring back my family, through “shoompiah” (black magic – the banishing of darkness and despair by changing the energy around you). I am the “opheir” (the one who can repair the moon and sun, and the “homea” (soul mates) and the “cun” (the sons), but not the “cashima” (sons who came as daughters), they are beyond repair, they are psychotic and “oflair”, evil. They are women.

I am the “Kashima”, The One in the Sky who is Hecate. My name is Erika as a human.