the goddess

The Flowers of Gaia

I am a “Pershuuntaplah”, a “person in the sky”, I glow magically in the light, the Queen of the sky is my right, and I will go there tonight as the “Flagh”, the God.

I am the beautiful one, the one that is the sun and the moon and the One in the Sky, who is on high, I made the earth, I am the one called Gashompleekasah, or Gaia, which means the Fleekasonetaplee: “The people in the sky who make beautiful things like the earth, stars and sky, we are on high, the chosen ones, the Shookaplee (beautiful people), the Keech (beautiful sons), the Sah (beautiful daughter) and the Wonteay (the one who is at the top, the God named Shantee Astoo Kaplee Vleeo Asoo Anee or Jacoplea Escaplee, but not, it is the female version of Jacobia, The Goddess.

Osteospermum SeedsThe Goddess

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