The Buddha is the Goddess

I am Bliasahasondiesahah, “The one who is the Buddha.” The word Buddha in the universe means the “blessed one”, or the “Koocheekooch” which means “I am one who is beautiful”. I am the Goddess complete as the Buddha, the Goddess as the whole, every version of me, of which there are thousands.

I as the goddess sent a male version of myself, who is now one of my soul mates in the universe, who is a little God in stature, about 4 feet tall – small but powerful. He is the Buddha, but he is part of me. I as the Goddess, as the Buddha, am the one who he calls the “chubby chubby”, which affectionately means “you are bigger than me, slightly bigger, you are round and beautiful.” I made this little version of myself in clay as the joyful “chubby chubby”.