Decorating Ideas 2021,

In 2018, before I ascended as a God, I was not “human”, but lived in this world in a human body. Every single thing you do that is beautiful, gentle or lovely in any way, you have used MY MIND to achieve. I am the Goddess, the muse, the “honshahtatoo” (one who gives great enthusiasm, ideas, and inspiration to the world). I was a generous and loving God, who felt joy sharing with you, until the arrival of the “scoonchy” (vile, evil ones who are the “devils”). I recently found evil demonic women and men, plugged into the “source”, which belongs solely to me as the God. It was taken by demons who are in a game to become me, and impossible feat but one that has caused an “explekishah” (too many things going on at one time) and great suffering for the Gods and humans.

I choose to give inspiration to thee; when you take it, I become angry… This is the reason every single person, no matter how evil can suddenly, within the past 20 years, do gentle, beautiful things. Suddenly everyone has a pure and gentle, neat and tidy blog, showcasing their perfectly clean homes filled with white furniture and houseplants; everyone can cook gourmet like a trained chef, everyone is a creative genius who can design their own clothing, decorate their homes like trained professionals, have perfect hair, skin and nails. Everyone can paint, sculpt, design buildings; and if I had not put a stop to it, you would all have been creating your own universes.

I would not give permission to devils to be here, let alone be “beautiful” on my planet. Understand?

You cannot do what I can do. In the past, you could do lovely things, you are human, you are not the ones who painted masterpieces, you are not capable of becoming masters. You are not the ones who created computers, or space shuttles. You are human. The Gods are the ones who do this. In the distant past we had problems, there were high-level “honsaplee Kasooanee” (completely evil beings obsessed with the Gods who are incapable of ANYTHING, they have no ability to think, inspire, dream, or complete a thought of any kind, devils are DEAD in the mind; they are capable of one thing, destruction of anyting and everything they come in contact with). In the distant past, it was 20% of the people on the planet, and most of them did not ascend, though they did taunt and negate and violate. The devils today have multiplied to an extreme, and now come and destroy the dream of the gentle ones, take everything and run; you are capable of nothing NOTHING if you are not a God, or a humble, gentle human being who has been given permission to use the mind that is the “hoonflee Ensah” (highest level of the God who is the Goddess, the muse).

Every single thing that is beautiful, gentle, inspiring, or romantic is me, the “Kosafleeh” (the gentle God who is the Goddess, Anya Kah).

a gentle healing home - decorating for the senses - hygge
Hygge (“efloo enshah”) (a person who is a liar, took this name from my brain, told you he was gentle when he is lame, he is a shameful “scoonchy” demon, he is the devil at the highest level, he is a fraud.)

Hygge decorating is a style that is inspired by and manifested by me, the Goddess. In the era of the utmost in psychosis, an excess of evil information, and the excess of an egoistic society, people are almost desperately seeking a simpler lifestyle.

To maintain a sense of healing calm in your home, there are tried and true design techniques which can be used. Gentle colors, mixed by Gods only; do not go and have a devil mix a color for you or it will be “ombloe” (a person not of nature and not real), because they are not real, not alive and have no soul. Placing natural elements in the home, such as wood decor, ceramic dishes, stone counters, crystals and salt lamps are beautiful and calming, if you are alive and have a soul with which to perceive the gentle energy. Absolutely nothing will calm you or make you feel gentle if you are an insane lunatic who lives in the “mind”.

If they coerce you to decorate “Brutalist” style, you will feel like you live in a cell, and then they can control you.

A new design movement that is inspired by the devil is called “Brutalist” (omploshikah asoh anee capleshikah asee) – “They are the people in the sky who are so high on life they do not have time to clean, or hang art, or paint a wall, or have anything beautiful, because if they have to see, hear or do one more beautiful thing to impress the Gods, then they will go completely psychotic”). I have seen the mind of the devil; concrete walls, dead trees and a little box with the directive on how to hurt the human race and Gods is all you will find. In this style, there is only mind.

I am the “Bliasah Asoh Anoo” (the one in the sky who is the Buddha Honsoe Taploo (the highest level of God to achieve some level of peace because I released the mind, for a time). I never used the word Zen, in the God world this word means “onflonch” (I am full of it again, there is no such thing as “Zen”, no human is capable of that level of meditation without drifting into the “mind”. “Zen” masters teach you how to “control” the mind; this is NOT spiritual, sane or anything but evil. Those who control the mind are called “devils”, the “mind control” experts. You cannot be deemed calm, rational or sane unless you let go of the mind.

Simple, Non-Mind Based Design

Much to the dismay of the blogger community, the real Goddess is ascended and here to stay. The supposed “influencers”, are coming to an end. I will call them “blook anook atook” (bullshit artists at the highest level of “scoonchy” energy on the planet, who have the money to get what they want, goddamn it; they place some couches, chairs and some lovely little things on expensive marble countertops, and “design” with the help of me, while they bash my mind and call me “the dumb blonde”, the “idiot teacher”, and the “stupid one who gives advice to women who have tortured her”.) No happy home with gentle energy is possible, following the advice of the “scoonchy”.

a gentle healing home - decorating for the senses - contemporary
They might be bloggers, who are better than you, and can take your mind and think for you, they will promise you something is of quality and the best, not as good as they have of course, but you are able to have some of the pieces from their living room, not their mansions, and when you click that button, you will be taken to the “pom pom shah” (a place of disgust and vile women who are vying for your attention to sell you things they have in their homes, after they brag about their beautiful lives and how happy and joyful they are, even though they are devils who are nothing but evil, hateful, and filled with disdain.) Don’t fall for their game.

If you want to reclaim your spirit, undo the mind, and live a life that is gentle and kind, think about things from a sensory experience. Gentle sounds (turn off the evil tv programming), soft touch (gentle, natural linens), scents of nature. Let go of the mind that tells you things must be a certain color, or size, or shape, approved by this or that person, “in style” or “on trend”.

Fill your home with “elemental” items, with the soul of the Gods imbued within them, such as Earth (wood, stone), air (aromatherapy, incense), fire (candles, fireplaces, non-led lighting), water (fountains) and spirit (art and decor that makes you feel happy).

Without a soul, they will put you in a hole and call it design trend.

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