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A Magical Stroll through Nature in Winter

The local parks are of course beautiful in the summertime, but in the early winter there is a kind of subtle magic. When we are not distracted by the stunning beauty of flowers, bright green leaves and vibrant energy-giving sunshine, it allows us to slow down and feel the essence of nature, to see and hear the soul of the plants and trees, to listen to the whispers in the breeze, to feel the calm in the flow of the water. Nature is truly in a peaceful slumber… the way I believe we are meant to be during this time of year.

Stunning textures of nature in winter -
Stunning textures of nature in early winter

Winter helps us to redefine the meaning of true beauty. It is beautiful, but we may struggle to understand why. Some may not even see the beauty. We are trained to see youth as beautiful in our society, so the wintertime, in its bare, raw state would not fit the bill. It is not until you feel the energy of the season, until you see past what you might consider bleak and lifeless, that you see that there is still life, in repose, and readying itself to be reborn.

Gorgeous tree roots in winter -
Gorgeous tree roots in winter

I took a meditative stroll over a small bridge, stopped and listened to the flow of the stream, and watched the sparkling light glisten on the surface of the water. It looked like fairies dancing.

Sparkling magical stream in winter -
Sparkling magical stream in winter

Winter Nature Books for Kids

I wished I had my sketch book with me, because this scenery would have made for a nice study of textures and colors. Maybe next time… at least I had my camera!

Pond with boulders on the bank -
Pond with boulders on the bank

I stared at the sky for awhile and felt small under a majestic tree. Parks and other public nature settings are very quiet in the winter, so it’s a good time to sit and do some meditation. Bringing a portable altar with you to do a little winter Yuletide ritual is a nice way to spend some time in nature.

Majestic tree in winter -
Majestic tree in winter

I met some tree spirits, this one-eyed ancient “Ent” had a lot of personality.

A tree spirit with eyes - copyright ©
“Ancient Ent” A tree spirit with eyes

Some of them were a little battered and grumpy. I understand I feel that way too sometimes.

Grumpy tree spirit -
Grumpy tree spirit

There are many fun things you can do in nature in winter. Bring a gathering basket with you to collect some downed branches and pine cones for crafty projects.

Use your found objects to make lovely things for winter or Yule decorating!

All in all, I always have a pleasant time in nature and at local parks in wintertime. In fact, as a person who loves the quiet, I actually prefer this time of year in public places.

I hope you enjoyed my photo journey through parks in winter, many more magical journeys to come in the future so please follow the blog!

I truly encourage everyone to bundle up, wear good shoes and go out hiking in winter or stroll through nature in winter. Early winter is a busy and chaotic time of year, so taking some time out to connect with nature is essential!

Recommended Winter in Nature Books

Some Magical Nature in Winter Videos to Inspire You

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