Everyone is doomin’ and gloomin’, hatin’ and miserable and I’m all like…FAIRIES!

How the Fey Folk Can Help You Heal…No, Seriously…

Many people are suffering these days from a case of excessive ego; constant complaining, anger, paranoia, fear and hate. The ego exists in “reality”, but once you have an awakening moment when you realize that reality is not real (reality is what the dark “shadow” part of your mind, A.K.A. the ego, created and tells you is real), then you begin to go on the journey to find the truth.

How the Fey Folk Can Help You Heal...No, Seriously...

Your soul is filled with magic and exists on a higher frequency, and this is where your imagination exists. It is impossible to imagine, and thus manifest, a joyful life when you are dwelling on the dark lower frequencies of existence. If you are too cynical and angry you may not understand what I am about to tell you, but I assure you it is true.

The fairies helped me heal..please read on…

How the Fey Folk Can Help You Heal...No, Seriously... -

The world of imagination saves us from the mundane reality. You do not need to leave the world literally, or give up your job, or your life. You simply must become more in the world, rather than of the world. When you are of the world, you are part of and participating in the sick society. Your ego has taken over your soul, which houses your imagination, and replaced the joyful soul with fear. Society is an example of the dark place created by the ego, and it is a collective sickness, meaning we all, with our own egos, contribute to it, since we are all connected. Where we all want to be is in the world, which is a real place where you are connected to people and nature, but exist from within your own soul. In this place anything is possible, even magic. Everyone has a sense of that place, everyone longs to find their way “home”. Home is the soul. In that place, everything you imagine can manifest, because it is your real truth. Then once you find that joy, rather than spewing your venomous ego onto others, like many people do, you can emit joy and inspire others, which then creates a continuous cycle of joy. No matter what energy you choose to be within, it is contagious and will spread.

How the Fey Folk Can Help You Heal...No, Seriously...
Fairy Tales Quote by C.S. Lewis -

For me, my imagination takes me to magical fantasy places. The place where I felt safe as a child and still today; in mystical forests with woodland sprites… fairy tale lands with castles and romance. A place with ethereal rays of sunlight beaming through old soulful trees, hauntingly beautiful foggy landscapes, abundant flowers and lots of sparkle.

How the Fey Folk Can Help You Heal...No, Seriously... -
My inner child helped me find my way home.

This is the place I journeyed to when, after a history of trauma, years of failing health, and an eventual breakdown, I went to to heal. I was suffering from excessive ego; worrying, fretting and getting angry over just about EVERYTHING! Obviously there are many facets to the journey, and much work had to be done in letting go of my demons, but through letting go of my cynical thinking and allowing the light and magic to enter back into my life, the fairies helped to heal me… both literally, through art, poetry, stories, and music, and figuratively, within my imagination. For me it is fairies and all things magical; knights in shining armor, fantasy witches and wizards, dragons, chivalry. For you it may be something else. Whatever it is, you must find it, or else be destined for a lifetime of the dreaded real world.

How the Fey Folk Can Help You Heal...No, Seriously... - #fairy #healing #magic #magick #wellness #imagination #innerchild

I encourage all of you to release yourself from your cynical ego, so you can begin to find your way home. You never know what magic you will find there…

How the Fey Folk Can Help You Heal...No, Seriously...


Magical Inspirational Quotes

I created these wallpapers for my own computer for daily inspiration, and I am happy to share them with all of you. Enter into a world of imagination with inspirational quotes and beautiful images!

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Imagination is More Important than Knowledge - Albert Einstein quote

Everything You Can Imagine is Real - Pablo Picasso quote

The Land of Heart's Desire quote - William Butler Yeats

Imagination is boundless quote - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Canvas for our Imagination quote - Henry David Throreau

Beautiful Fairy Music

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Everyone is doomin' and gloomin', hatin' and miserable and I'm all like...FAIRIES! How the Fey Folk Can Help You Heal...No, Seriously...

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