Warm and cozy season of Yule began at Whole Foods!

It’s definitely in the air . . . the season of Yule! The air is crisp and chilly. And shopping at Whole Foods for Thanksgiving veggies today brought the start of the season to life. As is the tradition in my Scandinavian family, we cook all holiday meals with lots of root vegetables, including rutabaga, parsnip, sweet potatoes, and squash. Luckily, Whole Foods had them in abundance (and for the first time ever I found an organic rutabaga)! In this visit we also saw the introduction to the up and coming season, with live green garlands, wreaths brimming with pine cones, Christmas trees bundled and lined up along the storefront.

Although this store is in the country, these trees evoked a memory of growing up in New York City in the 50’s. There were no “tree lots” back then, and local shop owners, usually hardware stores or “five-and-dime” shops, would sell fresh-from-the-farm trees, garlands and wreaths, all displayed outside their storefronts. The old-fashioned lamp posts just add to the memory for me. Definitely getting me into the spirit of the holiday.

Yule Whole Foods Trees
Warm and cozy season of Yule began at Whole Foods!

The scene looked fresh and green, smelling of pine, and creating an image in my mind of beautiful, natural displays at home for the upcoming holiday season. Although it’s only Thanksgiving week, and I’m not really thinking of Christmas yet, it is a beautiful introduction to Yuletide.


Mixed together was a final display of pumpkins and gourds, the natural smells, hues and textures of pine cones, trees, wreaths and garlands welcomed the transition time between the seasons on this chilly autumn day. It is amazing how a natural Yule display conjures such cozy feelings of warmth and joy. I do believe the spirit of the magical season is upon me!

Warm and cozy season of Yule began at Whole Foods! * Living Bewitchingly
Warm and cozy season of Yule began at Whole Foods! * Living Bewitchingly

The last of the autumn gourds on display at Thanksgiving, making way for the greens of the Yuletide season!

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